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Awesome! And they are gonna bring a girl group to sing Pink's Give Me a Reason next week? I can't freaking wait.
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@winterlovesong ikr. You NEED to check out their other stuff! They have done a lot of cover :D @anagnz just give me a reason just little bit's enough~~~ to love ledapple (haha lame xD)
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@chasinghapiness hahaha exactly lol how can we not love ledapple specially hanbyul he who does some many videos for we the fans <3
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@anagnz oh hanbyul... please don't get me started on him... i could go on for days. haha
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@chasinghapiness hahahaha :)
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that was beautiful!! I love there voice and I love that they are an actual band lol good job, I love pink and nate so i will definitely check out there next cover.
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