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The nicknames of Super Junior’s Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah are currently attracting wide attention. On May 30, Yoon uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “I’m sleepy but I should cheer up! Hedgehog, you also cheer up for tomorrow!” At this, Donghae responded, “Panda, you really did hard work today.” In the picture, Donghae and Yoon are staring at the camera in a friendly pose. As they call each other by hedgehog and panda, people are curious about the meaning of their nicknames. People responded: “What do the nicknames mean?” “They look so good together,” “Hedgehog and Panda. Did they give each other the nicknames?” “Yoon Seung Ah is so pretty and Donghae is so handsome.” Donghae and Yoon were recently cast in Channel A’s new drama series Panda and Hedgehog, which will start airing in July. Source: Xportsnews via