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I totally, completely forgot about this... When Luffy goes to the 6th level to break out Ace and discovers Crocodile is there prisoner.. And Ivan threatens to reveal his past "secret" I was alway super intrigued to know what that was.. I'd just forgotten about it over the years... But now that Impel Down is what I'm re watching and I was just reminded of this... I wanna hear everyone's theories!!!! 😊
i can only assume it involves the revolutionary army... but it could be a darker secret that we have no clues about yet....
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Just the fact he gets so flustered and embarrassed..: I feel it's more of a Kamabakka Kingdom type of ordeal.
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I think he used to be a women then had ivon change him into a man since that's the only thing I think would make crocodile back down so easily
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My thoughts exactly! @pervysagex
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