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It hurts living. Knowing that all around u the people u share ur life with, don't know how u feel, how u react to the situation. They think they know but they don't and they won't admit it, they try to help but u don't want there help, because they don't know. You struggle and struggle to keep yourself up you keep walking and u just try to feel positive but u can't it hurts. These people don't know how u feel, they aren't u, and u can't tell them, because there's to much to tell and not enough time, and ur stuck with yourself feeling, thinking, reacting, hurting, all by yourself and it hurts like hell, like pieces of u r being ripped apart and falling to the ground and all u can do is watch as people stomp all over u with there words, without even knowing there hurting u a lot... And ur sick of everything of people of time if sleep of everything u just want to give up, but can't cause ur scared to live and ur scared to die. What a messed up way to live, but u just can't help it...