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Another track from the upcoming album have been released! It's called Everything You've Come to Expect (which is also the title of the album). What a beautiful song! So different from the first single Bad Habits. The strings arrangements are lovely. I'm so excited for this album. I can't repeat it enough! ;) It sounds really promising.

It will be out on April 1st.

Not much longer to wait. So stay tuned!
Lyrics : Tiger eyelashes, summer wine Goosebump soup and Honey Pie Piggy in the middle I'm the baddy's daddy About to make my golden move Apocalyptic lipstick campaign Four Horsemen in a one horse race The dance she does to Shadowplay Appeals to an ancient impulse [Chorus:] Ghost Riders and The Rat and Parrot Croc-skin collar on a Diamond Dog Dirtbag Ballet by the bins down the alley As I walk through the Chalet of the shadow of Death (Everything that you've come to expect) I guess the coastal air gets a girl to reflect (Everything that you've come to expect) I just can't get the thought of you and him out of my head (Everything that you've come to expect) Everything that you've come to expect Hotel room Holy Bible Hotel room free love revival Baby it's a never ending spiral 'Looks a little bit like Paris [Chorus] Everything that I've tried to forget (Everything that you've come to expect) Everything that I live to regret (Everything that you've come to expect) Everything that you've come to expect
I really dug this. And your write up is pretty awesome as well! I like this lyrical style too, a little different, more abstract than Turner's work on Arctic Monkeys. I'm excited to hear the album in its entirety when it comes out!
I hadn't listened to their music before! Excellent
@TessStevens @shannonl5 What do you think of this one?
Yet another release! https://youtube/Fd1Xc6-6VVg Aviation. Another awesome song. @TessStevens