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credit to chimchu_ on insta. Have you all imagined what he's going to look like and act like in the next 4 years? That'll roughly be the time Big Bang is back from Military Service...I don't know how to feel. WHY AM I LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE!?!?! (just some love for you my dear @Helixx )
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@LemonLassie geurae that's true
@Helixx @LemonLassie OMG look how he looks right now.. in 4 years ugh!! he will be in everyone TOP of the Bias list..watch those abs come out better than ever..and and looking more mature and manly..and well let me stop...haha just think about it..lol..ooh boy!
@luna1171 @LemonLassie I've already thought about it. The Twitter post of him with the Naver V 2,000,000 subscribers medallion... Damn! He looks so mature. Like his features suddenly matured in a weeks time. I can't. I can't with him. Ugh!
@Helixx do i have a photo for you
@LemonLassie Uh oh!