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What's up my peepssss!! Kuzuri here to talk about something. Someone important to us. I'm here to discuss Spider-Man! Once he showcased in the Civil War trailer, JJ Jameson has gotten plenty of the photos he so desperately wanted. I've been seeing a lot of love for the new Spidey suit...but where there's love, there's bound to be some distasteful disliking. I'm here to ease your minds....because it would seem as though Marvel got Spidey's suit, damn near perfect this time.

Costume Analysis!

In just the few seconds we had a glimpse of the new and improved Spider-Man, we were given a whole lot of details about his overall look (although I'm sure we'll see another suit other than the one that was shown in the trailer as well. Just like Iron Man using his different armor.) Spidey's Costume: -Emotiong Eyes, giving us the sort of Deadpool feel, but only this time, with his secret lover. Showing emotion through a mask can be difficult but it isn't impossible to portray, as we saw in the trailer as well as the CG based facial expressions they gave us in Deadpool. -Logos, very fundamental aspect of a hero. They all need their signature stamp and by the looks of it, they gave Spidey his comic styled logos after all. -Utility Belt, whaaaaaat!? Yeah that's right. Extra web cartridges...maybe even a little candy stash just for the hell of it. They seemed to have put it together nicely for the most part. So overall, they're really attempting to bring what the fans want on the big screen, and although in the Comics, Civil War had way more characters than that of the ones being showcased...they are giving us a very nice setup for future movies. I don't know about you all but.....I'm mainly excited about these cameo characters. Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spidey....It's all so much to take in. Dammit May! Hurry up!! *Not you though, Aunt May...You're okay where you are. @amobigbang @buddyesd @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 @BelleofRay @dominika @peahyr @ThePervySage @Kyrstalstar22 @LadyLuna @MichaelOgg @redapple615 @ShinigamiSan @CloeySuess @BeannachtOraibh @Allobaber @CreeTheOtaku @culversyanne @Boggleman @RyanOgg @JimTurpen @MarvelTrashCan (Tag any other Mercs.)
Lol, I get that they used the real Spider-Man suit but I think he is just covered with too much CGI. It looks like the whole suit is CGI (lol Ryan Reynolds knows about that one 馃槀) . Deadpool's only CGI was his eyes and the mouth part.. So we can actually see expression . Other than that.. Spider-Man's suit, is his definitely his original suit.
it doesn't really change that much and if anything its for the better
kicking it old school xD
I can't wait for May. the trailer looked messy, so hopefully when the movie comes out Spidey's CGI will be a lot cleaner
I think I'm more excited for Black Panther if only because we haven't had a live action version, but it seems like Spider-Man will be providing the levity the movie probably needs