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Hey Vingle Fam! So I just started this fanfiction about EXO and so I have decided to put up the first chapter! I hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to tell me what you think of it! I am really excited to share this with you guys and I have already gotten so much love to put this up. So now, I bring to you, the first chapter, of Running Towards You! Enjoyyy! *bows deeply* (Credit to owners!)
Chapter 1 “Just love me right, uh-huh, baby love me right, uh-huh,” singing sweetly, EXO was singing their new hit single, just for me, right in front of my eyes. I can’t believe it. I have waited for this moment for as long as I could remember. One of the members started to come towards me as the song was reaching its end. The one I have liked, the one I have cherished, the one I have secretly rooted for in their hard times. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. He leaned in to where his face was just inches from mine. “Y/N, I know that we only just met but I just wanted to let you know that I-” “YAH! Y/N!” screamed the voice that awoke me, causing me to jolt up. I looked around, disgruntled, looking for my oppa, to find that he was nowhere in sight. Aish, it was just a dream, I thought. Man and right in the middle of that moment. If only it had been a little longer, oppa and I could have… “Hello~, Y/N, are you deaf?” echoed the voice that I have known and cherished for as long as I remember. “Who, what? Oh, hey Adara, sorry. I guess I slept through my alarm again,” I said sleepily, while rubbing my eyes. Adara was my best friend that had decided to come with me to Korea when I got my job offer. We have been close ever since we were little and we are stuck together like glue. When I first got into Kpop and learning about the Korean culture, she slowly became obsessed with it with me, leading us to where we are today. In Korea! It still seems unreal that we are actually here, the place that we had only been dreaming of. “Ok, girl, you need to stop daydreaming or whatever it is you are doing and get to work! It’s 9:00 am and you need to be there at 9:30!” “Are you serious?! I am going to be late! Thank you for waking me up!” I yelled back to her, rushing out of my bed and heading to the shower. Stupid, stupid! You have only had this job for two weeks, you can’t be late! I hurriedly got into the shower and put on my go-to pair of jeans and my white baggy t-shirt, blow-dried my hair, and ran towards the door. “Thanks again Adara! Have a good day!” I yelled as I ran out the door. In a rush, I ran to my car and headed to work for the day – the SBS building. Luckily, when Adara and I first moved to Korea, we were able to find a place close to the SBS building and so I was able to make it there by 9:25. I pulled into the nearest parking spot I could find and ran into the building, getting on the elevator up to the fifth floor. It’s okay, you made it, I reassured myself. I looked down at my phone to see that the time was 9:28. Crap, crap! As the elevator dinged, I walked fast and ran face first into a group of guys walking into the elevator. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention, have a good day,” I quickly said bowing without looking up. Before they had the chance to say anything I headed to the right, not realizing who it was that I bumped into.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Who was that hyung?” One of the guys asked. “No idea, but she was pretty cute, and she looked like a foreigner to boot! Do you think she is in the Running Man team, Xiumin?” The second guy stated. “I hope so, Kai!” Xiumin exclaimed, still staring after the mysterious girl that had peaked their interest. “Yah, stop drooling guys. We better get going before the hyungs get mad at us. Come on.” The third guy ordered, motioning the guys to follow him into the elevator. “Ah, come on, Sehun, you didn’t even think that she was a little cute?” Kai egged on, nudging Sehun with his elbow. “I am not going to answer that. Come on guys, let’s go.” Sehun insisted, walking inside the elevator. “Fine, way to be a meanie.” Xiumin whinned, following after him. “He probably thought she was cute, but just didn’t want to admit it,” Kai said playfully trying to get a reaction out of Sehun. Kai followed them into the elevator and they headed back down to meet up with the rest of the band. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
After a few minutes of fast walking down long hallways, I arrived to the entrance of the part of the building that read “Running Man Crew Members ONLY” and stepped inside. Maybe if I just hurry to my seat, no one will notice I was running la- “Y/N! You made it! We thought that you were not going to show up!” said one of the crew members, exposing my cover. “Yes, sorry I slept through my alarm this morning,” I greeted as I bowed in apology. I quickly headed over to my desk and sat down. I sighed, thankful and more relaxed that I made it when someone grabbed me by the shoulders, making me jump. “Oh, someone’s a little jumpy today,” mocked the high-pitched, familiar voice. “Ah come on, Choon-Hee. You know that I jump easily.” Choon-Hee was the first friend I made in the production crew. She was welcoming and so loving towards me my first day on the team. She was also very interested in the fact that I came from overseas and that I knew fluent Korean that we ended up spending some time together after work and became good friends fast. “I know, but it is still fun to tease you. You are still new so we have to still keep you on your toes!” she said while grinning mischievously. “You are so mean!” I said while puckering out my lowering lip, pretending to be upset. “Ah, come on. Don’t be that way, Y/N. I can’t resist that pouty face!” She then proceeded to jump on me, locking me in her grip while squeezing me tightly, trying to squish my face. We both started laughing, enjoying the start to our morning, when someone interrupted us. “Having fun are you girls?” We turned around, to see our main PD, Jae-Hwa, standing behind us. We bolted up immediately. “Sorry,” we apologized in unison. “Just don’t forget who we have coming today, ok? They are very important guests, so we want to make sure that today goes well.” “Yes, sir, we will do our best,” Choon-Hee stated, giving me a nudge on my arm to tell me to say something. “Ye-Yes sir,” I quietly said, hoping that he heard me. “Good, well, we will be leaving for the site in 10 minutes so Choon-Hee make sure we have everything, and Y/N you will be helping on set today so make you are ready for it. We have been letting you watch us for the last few weeks so now, it is your turn to start taking care of the guests and the cast members today. Choon-Hee and our other new recruit Jess will be helping you today as well, so make sure you do well today ladies. The guest’s chance of coming back on our show is higher if you guys can help them be comfortable on the set,” he ordered, giving a look that showed that if we messed up today, we would be in big trouble. “We will do our best! Thank you!” We stated in unison. He then walked away to the other end of the room to talk to the other production members. I was so nervous. I was starting today! This is it! I am an official member of the crew after today! “Look at you Y/N, you must be pretty excited for both starting today and the guests. I know I am,” she said with a smitten look on her face. “Wait, who was coming today? I forgot who it was,” I asked. She turned around abruptly and took me by the shoulders. “YOU DON’T REMEMBER!?” she exclaimed, having this look of complete shock on her face. “Nooo. Who is it?” I asked, oblivious to what was about to happen next. “It’s EXO! I can’t believe that you forgot about that! I am SO excited to see my Xiudaddy. That man is just one big piece of delicious eye candy,” she said, while looking off into the distance, most likely thinking of him. Shocked, I fell back into my chair. I can’t believe it. This is happening. I don’t know how to face them! How can I do it, I CAN’T. Wait, I will also be helping them today! You have to stay calm, Y/N. Stay calm. AHHHH! Ok, I am good. No I am not. WHAT DO I DO? Before I could have any more time to react, the rest of the crew called us over. “Ok guys we are headed out! Let’s go!” Still panicking, Choon-Hee and I grabbed our things and headed towards the door. Breathe in, breathe out, Y/N. You can do this.
What will happen to Y/N? And what will become of the encounter between her and the three members? This and more will be answered! I will try to post once, maybe two times a week so make sure to keep on eye out for the next chapter to come out! Thank you to everyone who read this chapter! Make sure to leave a comment below about what you thought about it! The main leads won't be revealed towards the end so I am going to keep you guys guessing! XD Also if you would like to be added to this taglist to see future chapters let me know as I would love to add you! Love you Vingle Fam~ Thunder Buddies!: @JaiiPanda @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @Isolate @sarabear1021 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @jessicaacosta90 @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz Tagging the fictionists: @Sailynn @lopleaf19 @VeronicaArtino @CallMeMsDragon @Defy24601 @ESwee @faith92 @resavalencia @SugaMint @Jinnyrod3 @PrincessUnicorn @SerenityThao @MaggieHolm @JamiMilsap @Elena166 @MsLoyalHeart @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @Ercurrent @VKookie47 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @BAbrajan1 @SierraBecerra @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @RaquelArredondo @EmilyGardner
It looks really good so far! But you sort of gave it away with Xiumin, Kai, and Sehun. Just btw.
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