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Let's continue...

Amnesiac (2001)

Similar sound to Kid A (the songs from these two albums have been recorded during the same sessions). So it's far less disconcerting than its predecessor. I love this album, certainly because I feel like the melodies are back. It contains absolute gems such as Pyramid Song and its unusual rhythm, You And Whose Army?, Knives Out and the jazzy Life In a Glasshouse. The only song that is IMO dispensable is Pulk/Pull Revolving Door, a rhythmic piece with very few (and unintelligible) lyrics and no melody at all. It's alright in the context of the album but really not extraordinary.

"You And Whose Army?"

Hail to the Thief (2003)

This album is a mix of their styles, with the return of guitars combined with electronic elements. It's one of my favorite album of them. It proposes a great variety. Good examples are Mixomatosis and a A Wolf at the Door. There is also a new version of Morning Bell, a song already present on their previous opus. It's fine even if I don't really get the point of this version... My favorite song of the album, which might as well be my favorite Radiohead's song is There There. This song is just perfect, the lyrics (about depression I assume) as well as the musical arrangement. Highlights : 2+2=5, There There, A Wolf at the Door.

"There, There"

In Rainbows (2007)

This is a softer and certainly a more accessible album. All the songs are lovely. I really like it but it didn't make a big impression on me either. I don't really know why. It's the record I listened to the less. Maybe it deserves more time. Anyway, my favorite tracks are Nude, Weird Fishes and Jigsaw Falling Into Place.


The King of Limbs (2011)

This album is a return to a more rythmic and electronic music. It is short, only 8 songs and rather difficult to grab. It requires several listens to begin to appreciate it. I have mixed feelings about this one. I like all the songs but I'm globally not crazy about them. "Codex" and "Little by Little" are really excellent though.


Sorry for the long two cards :) It probably won't draw the attention of many people unless you're a Radiohead fan, but I'm happy to have written them. It was at least interesting to me... ;). When you are lucky enough to find something you're passionate about, as daft as it seems, it gives you some sense of purpose. That's what music does for me, and for many others I presume. Discovering an artist, falling in love with his work, being transported in his universe is always a great joy. That's something that is very subjective of course. And while there are many bands that I really like, there are only a few that have such an impact on me. Now Radiohead is one of them, and I'm glad. It makes my life better. Now, I'll be waiting for their next album. It should be out sometime this year.
I think 15 step is my favorite track on In Rainbows. It's like...so vivid and crunchy. Really pretty melodies on that record, definitely a major evolution!
@TessStevens 15 steps is a very good song. The guitar is really nice on this one. I'm glad there will be another album out soon. Did you hear their Spectre song? Beautiful too.