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so last night I was had this idea for a story. I'm have this habit of writing stories and starting new ones.
I have chapter one almost done. Fair warning now on will not be posting it on here. It is an adult story and I'll be posting this story on wattpad. I will however post a cad to let you know when the first chapter is up and with a link.
Title is Love within the Shadows. Bang Yongguk Lee Kinley/Bora She was the one person who no one could let in on what she was thinking. Except for one person that was her only family and her lover. However after one night for filling a job she mets a man that just might change everything. He is the best undercover detective in the narcotics department. He is sent in to find information on who Gun Joon is. He mets Gun Joons right hand man. The only problem is that the right hand man is a woman. Now he has too make her fall in love with him just to get the information that he needs.
Bang Yongguk is going to be my main male lead. He will be playing a undercover detective.
Lee Kinley or Bora she is my female lead and original character. she will also be Yongguk's love interest.
Let me know if you want me to tag you when I post the 1st chapter is up.
looks very interesting pls tag me😊
tagg me please!!!😁