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So @danidee tagged me in this awesome challenge where you have to make a card about 5 weird things about you, with gifs. Anyone reading this do this challenge and tag me in!! I want to get to know all the weirdos on vingle!

1. I'm all for that booty!

The first thing i notice with a guy is his butt!! It's not that i only like guys with big butts but i just so freaking love looking at those big plump booty!! U can be ugly as hell but if u got a good damn ass i'mma stare like a lil perv! (I do stare at boobs n butts of women too sometimes but that's not weird!)

2. Love the smell of alcohol

I'm so addicted to the smell of alcohol! I use a product for my break outs which is 96% alcohol i think and damn, it smells sooo freaking good. Every time i use it i'm applying it all over my nose to get the best of that divine smell. Also whenever i see a bottle of the blue alcohol i'mma stick that to my nose.

3. The fault in our stars and titanic didn't make me cry

Everyone says that i'm weird when they found out that i didn't cry on watching these 2 movies but instead it's cartoons that make me break into tears. These 2 movies were sad but not as much as the lion king or finding nemo or toy story 3 were. I swear the only movies that brought me to tears were those 3 cartoons! I have more feelings for toys than for human. My life is fucked up!

4. This gif shows how i react to relatives/guests!

It's like all of my parents' acquaintances and family are people who can't mind their own business and the only purpose for which they have been sent to earth is to criticize me! Like bitch i don't care if you didn't like me coming to your son's wedding with a beach jumpsuit and sneakers. I didn't even want to come in the first place but my momma forced me to come just so that you can preach me to death! I'm just allergic to my relatives.

5. Don't get into my room

My room is everything to me, my world, my life, my alibaba cave, so not everyone's ass is allowed in that room. By now, only my parents and my BFF have got that privilege . Any other person entering my room without my permission is just a mannerless asshole and i consider it as an insult.
Tagging some ppl I really want to see doing this challenge(if u haven't by now) @EasternShell @shannonl5 @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton @nicolejb @sophiamor @2Distracted @AlloBaber @buddyesd @LadyLuna @atmi
@alywoah lol i do think abt that too but then i'm like it can't be worse than drinking
@humairaa to be honest I used to like the smell too (still do) but I try to stay away from it because I imagine is not good for me lol.
I've never seen Jason Derulo's butt!!! Now I need to go look..
@danidee there are so many celeb butts i'm fan of but channing tatum n jason derrulo have got the best!!
Which celeb guy do you think has the best booty?
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