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Hey guys! Back with some more cool fantasy baseball news to help every GM get ready for the draft.
The NY Mets were one of the best surprises in sports in 2015. The team shocked the world and made an amazing run, reaching the World Series. While pitchers Matt Harvey and Jacob DeGrom got a lot of love in the press (and rightfully so, they were amazing) one of the players who didn't get as much shine as he deserved was pitcher Noah Sydnergaard.
If you take a look at the numbers, Noah Sydnergaard is in for a huge year.
For starters, he's only 23 years old, so there is plenty of room for growth. Last year, he posted a solid stat-line of 9-7, with an ERA of 3.2 with 166 strikeouts.
For a 1st year starter, those are great numbers. He manages to keep his ERA down while averaging a solid amount of K's. You could also argue that the offense got better in the 2nd half of the year. As a result, his win totals could go up.
ESPN has him ranked at the 20th best pitcher overall. They have Johnny Cueto, Adam Stroman and Garrett Richards all ranked around him. I would take him over any of those guys.

What do you think? Should GMs grab Noah Sydnergaard? Is he flying too low below the radar?

The Mets are going to be solid this year with Syndergaard
He def has some great stuff
I feel like he's gonna be even better this year but I think ESPN's ranking of 20th best pitcher seems right at this point