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Disclaimer: I am not one to like anything scary! I am a full believer in ghosts so realizing that there are scary ones that exist with the Casper's of the world stresses me out.
However, me being afraid of everything didn't stop me from buying Help For The Haunted by John Searles. Because lets be real, we all have a taste for the unexplainable.
Help For The Haunted follows the life and inner thoughts of the main character Sylvie Mason, whose parents are infamous for collecting and helping the un-helpable. Those possessed with the demons that aren't suppose to be of this world. But now, she's also famous for being the key witness to her parents brutal murder inside a church, one she isn't quite sure if her older sister helped with.
Told from snippets of stories both before her parents murder and her crumbling life after it with only her sister as her guardian, we the reader are trying to piece together what the hell happened that night, if any of the "ghost stories" are even real.
And what the hell is with that doll Penny, caged up in the basement?
While it might not be the standard, terrify you out of your wits with every page turn, the reality of extremism, religious upbringing and the fear that can possess the strongest of families slowing eats away at your mind.

Defiantly worth the read! You'll fly through it.