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Got7 has finally released their awesome teaser and I can't stop screaming about it!!! Its so good and I'm glad they are trying this new concept. I think there is going to be a story which I'm excited for!! Ughhhh...why does Got7 has to make us feel this way! I'm just going to decipher what happened in the if you haven't watch the teaser please do so now
So first of the bat I notice the camera which reminded me of BTS but thankfully they proved me wrong!! In the beginning they are all in the car, JB is driving and Jackson has a camera and is recording everyone. They are just playing around and then the scene changes where Junior is running on the road and seems to be looking for something. The scene changes again and we see Junior waking up(maybe from a dream) in a room where the rest of the members are. Jackson still has the camera and recording them. JB is holding a baby bird, we get a little Markson action, and for some reason all Junior can do is sit and stare at them. We then go to another scene full of cards and then it shifts to Junior looking at the other members once again in a window of a van. It shows Mark on top of the van, JB riding a bike, Bambam playing basketball, and Yugyeom and Youngjae are throwing a baseball. Jackson is still recording.
This is when s**t gets crazy:
Youngjae starts to float above the ground, the other members are surprise as they start to fly as well. *Cue killer beat right now* Junior is the only one we don't see flying. We see someone in a room on a bed gradually floating(I couldn't tell who it was). From then on it just shows them flying. Then the scene changes *Cue another killer beat*. We see Junior on top of a building. He falls off and I'm guessing he flys for the first time. It ends right there.
What I got from this is that Junior was the only one who couldn't fly. Everyone else started flying at one time except for Junior. I don't know why Junior took so long to fly but I'm thinking he was nervous...I really don't know XD
If you have any theories, Let Me Know!!!!!
But one thing I know for sure is that Got7 is back and I'm so excited!!!!
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It was so amazing though! The feel of it and everything was just beautiful! I can't wait for this comeback!
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Got7 just reached level Bangtan
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I will wait until the video. In the meantime, I will do more research on the group.
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I read one theory that said Junior is the only one that survived the 'car accident.' They died in the order of them flying...
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This looked so cool!!!!
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