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Most of us know what wounded warrior project is. Its one of the biggest charities for the support of the millions of veterans who have been affected both physically, mentally, and emotionally because of War.
In the past 12 years, Wounded Warrior Project has raised almost $1 billion in donations, raising almost $300 million in 2014 alone.
However, news just broke that two of Wounded Warrior Projects top exes were fired by the Board of Directors for spending way to much of the donations on PARTIES!
According to CBS, because of these two exes the Wounded Warrior project has been spending up t0 40-50% of overhead, including extravagant parties, meanwhile most charities only use about 15% of the proceeds for things like fundraising events.
The big problem, other then millions of donations not going to the 52,000 wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan alone, is that now, one of the biggest charities that support our wounded troops can collapse. All because 2 selfish people.
It truly is terrifying because veterans already do not get nearly half the amount of support they actually need when they come home. How much worse is it going to get ?
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That's so upsetting! They actually have a pretty good score on Charity Navigator too.