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Ahahahahahhaha... I'm getting into a lot of different Kpop groups at a time. Yes, I know these groups have been out for a few years (or more), but I just decided to watch a video or two of them.
I thought this picture was very nice looking. The way I found Vixx was from watching dance practice videos. I had heard a few things about them before, but now I'm interested. I heard that all of Vixx's dances are difficult, so a watched a dance practice video, or two, or four. Right now my favorites are Ken and N. When I watched Voodoo doll mv, my face was almost exactly like Suga's in the first picture.
Got7 has been just kinda been in the back of my mind since around November. I got really interested in them when I watched their "Just Right" mv. I really like Jackson and Mark (Markson?).
SHINee was my first Kpop group. I found them back in 2012/2013 from the Youtubers react to Kpop video. I did the normal thing that you do when you find a new group. I learned their names and watched One Fine Day and variety shows. Then I just stopped watching them and I would go back to watch Lucifer MV every few months. One day I watched another Kpop react video and rewatched SHINee's mvs and got into EXO, then we go from there. My favorites are Taemin and Key.
I know this group is not new, and yes this os the only girl group, but it's a great girl group! Girls Generation! I got really interested when I heard Party last week. I think the reason I didn't interested in them earlier is because they are 10x prettier than me and have amazing voices! I've known about them in 2013 and watched a few mvs. My favorites are Yoona and Tiffany.
There are even more groups that I've gotten interested in, but that would be a very, very long card. I know that these groups have been out for years and Super Junior has been out for more than 10 years. I'm just slow (actually I don't have time). F(x) Infinite EXID Super Junior NU'EST Big Bang Anyone else have this problem where you get sucked into multiple fandoms at a time. [insert whale noises of misery]
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I guess that's the only reason why I don't get into girl groups, because all of them are a millions times prettier than me and make me feel like an ugly potato ☹️☹️
I feel your pain