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Thank you @sarabear1021 & @ashleyemmert for making this. It's super cute. Well here are my results.
The one who stole my Easter Eggs. I would expect this fro Baek but you Lay why would you betray me?!
The one who Helps You. Awwwww Kai is such a cutie. He would try and help.
The One Who gives you all his Easter eggs. I guess I could kind of see this but he would do it only because he feels really bad or something. The little fluff ball.
The one who stole your heart. I'm sorry Lay he was just so helpful. Many you won't steal my Easter Eggs next time.
The one who doesn't leave your side while searching. I see this because he is nice and it would be a lot of help because the other members would be to scared to mess with us.
Who Is You Easter Surprise. Sehun! This is a Surprise. You know it's all cool just the two kids Chillin' nothing to worry about.
Thank you again for making this it was fun and cute.