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Day 1 Why I love Bangtan? . . . . because they are so good looking! Lol no that is part of it but it is so much deeper than that.
I love Bangtan because they are so Uchiha mote then an idol. Meaning that they show their true side to us ARMY.
Not long ago before I truly knew these boys I only had 2 or 3 of their songs. The songs that I have helped me through some hard times. I felt lonely and I also felt that I didn't belong, unwanted at times. Those songs were on a playlist that I would listen when I felt lonely. Of course I didn't have all of their songs at the time but the ones that I had helped me a lot. to this day I still feel like that but it doest happen as often as it did back then.
Now however I have all of their songs along with all of their albums, a summer package, and both 2014 and 2015 concert dvds.
These boys make my day either by hating them because they distracted me with how good looking they are *cough* Jimin *cough* Kookie.
They make my day by being random at times that makes me laugh so hard that I cry happy tears.
Then there is their music that makes me feel so many feels that half of them I don't know why I am feeling those feels. this is why I love these boys so much.