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Chapter 10~ Tao

~Barcelona 1993~

I was in a cafe with Zitao as I waited for my wound to finish healing. I drank my tea and looked around. A business man in a gray suit caught my eye. He was talking on the phone. He was every handsome and I knew he would be perfect for my Zitao. "Here you go Mister." the lady gave him his coffee. He thanked her and took a sip while he continued to talk on the phone and type on the laptop. It was a few hours in the late afternoon when he went back to work. I followed quietly behind him. I stayed out side in front of the building. The hours went by and night came. I stood there holding Zitao in my arms. When the last of the works left work, the guy still hasn't left. I sighed and went to the front of the doors and placed Zitao down with the few words to say before I left. ~Person p.o.v~ I looked at my Rolex and saw it was near 2am. I sighed and got up. I put my suit jacket on and grabbed my bag and made my way out of the building. I told the security guy a good night and walked out of the door but tripped over something. I looked at what I tripped over and saw a basket. I cursed under my breath and took a look in the basket. I froze when I saw the baby. I looked around to see if anyone was around but I saw no one. I knocked on the door to get the security guard to open the door. Once he did asked him who left the kid but he said he had no clue. He asked me if I wanted him to get the police but I shook my head. I told him that I'll take the baby home and deal with it later. He nod and bid me a good night again. When I got home. I changed into pajamas and held the sleeping baby. I shook my head and was going to place him in the basket again but a white envelope caught my eye with a hourglass shape necklace. I picked them up. I opened the letter and read it. After reading the letter I looked back and forth from the baby to the letter. I sighed knowing I had no choice but to bring the kid into my life. I picked him up and went to my room where I placed pillows around him and laid next to him and fell asleep.
@MsLoyalHeart lol true that ^_^
Zitao, he will buy you all the Gucci items you want!