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His alarm went off every 2 hrs as the doctor ordered for your concussion. You don’t remember each time he woke you; the exhaustion from the injury kind of blurred everything together. However, there is a faint memory of lips on yours once, chills from lips on your neck another time. When he gets up to head over to the set you lay there and take in how lithe his movements are. Would he be embarrassed to know that you unabashedly watch as he comes out to grab clothes in just his towel? You are pretty sure he would not. The next time he ventures out he is rubbing wet hair and only in his jeans. You think you hear a soft knock downstairs and watch him pull a shirt on as he heads downstairs.
You hear muffled voices and decide you need to use the bathroom while he is out of it. You avoid the mirror until you wash your hands and then it’s impossible. Your left cheek and jaw are sporting a large dark purple bruise. You have a small bandage on your right temple and if you aren’t mistaken your face is slightly swollen. Another bandage can be seen on your neck, and your hand goes up to trace it. Did you hit something else that scratched you? No one mentioned this one to you.
Tracing your bandage you reach for your Buddha. You search through your clothes, did the clasp break? Did they take it off in the ER and put it in a pocket for you? You head in to the bedroom where Junho had left a small bag on the nightstand with your possessions. You are scrambling through the bag becoming panicked when he appears at the door.
“Jagi, what are you doing? You should be in bed.” He becomes more concerned the more frantic you become. He comes forward to draw you back onto the bed and settle you down.
Thinking you are having a panic attack he tries to placate you. “Shh, you’re at my place, you’re fine, everything’s alright.”
You let him pull you into his lap and put your head against his shoulder. “I’m sorry,” you whisper against his chest.
“I lost my Buddha. I can’t find it anywhere, I’ve looked everywhere for it!” He pulls you tighter in as you start to cry.
“Shh, you didn’t lose it. They think your attacker pulled it off while you were unconscious.” He fingers trace the bandage on your neck.
“Why? Why would someone want my necklace? It only has value to us.” You crinkle your forehead in confusion before you realize that isn’t a good idea. Your hand automatically comes up to try to soothe the headache away.
“You still have a headache?” You barely nod afraid of hurting your head more. “Here,” he reaches over your pain medication and water. “I asked my housekeeper to come stay with you today while I’m gone. She’s downstairs and has promised to feed you and make sure you take your meds.” He pulls your chin up and smiles in your face. “I’ll miss you today,” he says as he places a light kiss on your lips.
Yes, you definitely remember being woken up that way last night. “I have to go. The police want to come question you but have agreed to wait until I get back, okay?” He places another peck on your lips, than shifts you back to the bed. “Get some sleep and eat what she feeds you okay?” You nod slightly, the pain medication makes you drowsy and it’s kicking in. He pulls the covers up over you and walks out the door.
You wake up several hours later when your headache returns. A sweet looking older lady is placing a tray on the nightstand when she hears you moan. She smiles, hands you your medication and motions for you to drink. You assume this means she doesn’t speak English but that’s okay, your head doesn’t feel much like talking. She places the tray on your lap, motioning for you to eat and stays there watching until you’ve taken several bites. You smile your thanks to her as she scurries back out of the room.
Your medication hasn’t made you drowsy this time, maybe it has to do with finally having food on your stomach. You climb gingerly out of bed, upsetting Johnny and Wollie who had decided to nap with you. You make your way to the bathroom to attempt a shower. You figure if you get dizzy you can sit for a spell. Thoughts of work keep crowding in while you wash the blood out of your hair. Could it really have been an anti-fan sneaking on site? Why would they attack you? You thought anti-fans and saesangs were more about hurting the idol. However, if you hurt those the idol cares about, it still hurts the idol. Didn’t Junho already bring up possibly breaking up so that you would stay safe? Without realizing it you’ve gone past the questioning stage and into full out anger. Your head starts to protest and you realize that aggressively scrubbing the blood out of your hair is only going to hurt you.
Stuck at Junho’s without clothes again, that thought makes you grin. If your relationship had gone to the next step it wouldn’t be a big deal, you sigh, you’re the one holding back not him. You only need something to wear temporarily, it looks like the housekeeper came in and stole your clothes. You steal an oversized sweat shirt and a pair of shorts.
They removed your contacts at the hospital, now leaving you squinting at the mirror, only about 2 inches away. While trying to even see yourself a knock comes on the door and it’s instantly opened. Junho leans against the doorframe giving you the once over. At least that’s what you think he’s doing since his head moved down and then back up. He smiles, walks over and places your glasses on your face.
“OH! Wow, I can see, thank you!” you really are that excited, it is very annoying being blind and it would actually make your head hurt worse.
He kisses the tip of your nose, laughing “I thought you might need these. You look rather adorable you know, baggy clothes, squinty eyes.”
“But how did you get them? I should keep them in my purse but I don’t.”
“One of the PA’s took over your duties today, I sent her to get them.”
“PA’s? Which one? I guess it doesn’t really matter they all hate me because you guys acknowledged me as a fan that first day. But still, what did she look like?”
“Female?” He replies and you smack him. He laughs, “I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention. Someone said her and pointed, I followed their finger.”
You tilt your head disbelieving, “All of the PA’s that came are drop dead gorgeous, don’t tell me you didn’t notice her.”
He pulls you in close, “I didn’t pay attention, they are all just females because they aren’t you.” He comments as he leans in for a kiss.
You smile, a lot pleased, “Good answer,” you reply as you meet him his lips half way.
Bonus picture as my apology for this being late. My daughter had her wisdom teeth out a couple of days ago, I'm behind in everything.
I have the same problem with glasses and I'm -4.75 , one with astigmatism. if I were to lose my glasses in a store I would not be able to recognize my own mom.
well at least our couple is staying sweet. hope we find our culprit soon. I wear glasses/contacts too and get headache if I can't see. does everyone have astigmatism now a days.. lol
Weird coincidence! my younger sister had her wisdom teeth removed on Monday! I hope she recovers quickly. I know how bad it sucks. Loved the chapter btw! ^_^
Man this person is really getting on my last nerve. MAN JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU CRAZY!