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I started watching this anime when it first came out n then after episode 9 there was a huge break. Today I noticed on kissanime that they had episode 11 or 13 released!! I hope they finally finish this anime now. If you haven't seen it or have but stopped due to its absence of releases pick it back up its an exciting extreme anime!! Watch it my NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
thanks! I totally forgot about this. I was wondering when they would continue it lol
It's about time
they brought this back they stop on like the biggest question i had bout that show
Haha @JosiahFowler yeah it was a huge stop but it's back n hopefully they finish what's supposed to be 13 episodes of the first season hoping there is more! I haven't read into it if it was bc the manga fell behind or if they had an sterile reason for the long break but 10&11 are out so hopefully they atleast do the last 2 left for now NAKAMA bc I really wanna see some closure if they're doing a second season or atleast a probably sad but good ending.