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I haven't had time to do this card so now that I have a little time here are my favorite singers.
I know Zico isn't really a singer, but when he does sing it's breath taking! I love his voice! ♡♡
I love Jb and his voice makes me melt. ♡♡
Youngjae's voice is amazing ♡♡
This is when I fell in love with Onew after watching this drama I had to know who sung this.
Sungyu has an amazing voice this is my all time favorite song by him.
Jinhwan ♡♡♡♡ He kills me his voice melts me it's so amazing.
Leo's voice though! I honestly think he is One of the best singers out there they are all great but I love his voice!
Woohyun is my second all time favorite singer I am in love with his voice it was one of the reasons I fell for infinite!
I just love their voices together!
I wasn't lying when I said I was addicted to Koo Junhwe's voice he has such a unique voice I can't get enough of it. Not only is he my Ultimate bias he is my favorite vocalist as well. He has ruined me.
* Bonus * Lee hyunwoo an ode to youth this movie made me cry so hard it destroyed me, but it's such an amazing movie!
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I LOVE all of their voices!!!....SPECIALLY JB.. lol