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So today I went to the Triad Anime Convention in Winston Salem today and got to hug Chuck Huber and he signed an autograph to me while doing the voice for this character (extra points if you can guess who it is)
I had a lot of fun even though I didn't come up with a cosplay in time.
I got to listen to part of a lecture about ghibli film meanings....
and got my picture taken with a few awesome cosplayers. Over all I had a lovely time, I just wish it had been closer to home so I could have spent some more time there. I also managed to purchase a Full Metal Alchemist poster and a Kill la Kill poster. :)
Added some photos of the posters late :)
@BloodStrider I know it's so hard to find ones close to me too
I soooo want to go to one but I wish they did some closer to me TT-TT