(Phone called by Jonghyun and Me ) Jonghyun and Me: Let's go clubbing with the guys... (Y/N) You: Uhhhhh...nooo...thanks.... Me:Eh??? Well then are you home?? You: Yeah....why?? Jonghyun: Were outside your house You: WHAT???? Jonghyun: Yup...open up You: *sighs and stand up from the couch and walks to open the door* Me: Here*hands you clothes and shoves you in you bathroom* You: Eh... Jonghyun: Change were going clubbing even if you don't want to...you owe me for last time... You:Ehhh??? *sighs* Fine...
(At the club) *Me, Jonghyun and you walk and looking fine* Jonghyun: Damn she sexy...Erica and Y/n im going to talk to her...kay...okay...bye Me: Uhh...okay then let's head to the bar Y/N * we head to the bar* excuse me can have... Unknown voice: Hey Erica and Y/N You: *turns around* Lee what are you doing here....your not a fan of clubbing that much... Onew: Dragged by Taemin and Jonghyun...dont know where Jonghyun went afterward...he said something about picking up important packages.. Me: Hahaha...chincha Lee?? Onew:.Yup he did...ahh.. bartender can I get 3 beer...and check for both of them.. You: No....I can pay for us Me: No I can....*pulls out money,but Onew hit the counter before Me or you can* Onew: I'll pay...final I still owe you guys for buying me food and for the
(You excused yourself to the restroom to Lee/and Me) You: *Walking out of the restroom* Minho: Hey cutie You: Minho??? Minho: Y/N *blushes red* You: Are you okay?? Omg your face ia turning so red....do you have a fever??? *lean closer to him and pulls him to feel if he has a fever* Minho: Uhhh...*blushes more* You: Your burning hot Minho we have to take you home. Minho: *leans closer as you let your guard down more and nibs your neck* You: *jerk back* Minho??? Minho: *pulls you closer and drags you to the dance floor*
Taemin: *dancing* You:Minho??? Minho: *Ran off while in the crowd of dancers* Y/N.....what do I do...*head to the bathroom to flush water in his face* Taemin: *Still dancing till he bump into you* Ahhh... You:Ahhh....*about to fall but doesn't fall got held by Taemin* Taemin: You okay princess?? You: TAEMIN????? Taemin:Y/N *thinking* what is she doing here???? You:*trying to lose yourself from Taemin* Taemin can you release me??? Taemin: Yeah *relases you* You: Thanks...now I need to find Minho....bye Taemin *runs to find Minho*
Minho:*Walks out of the restroom* Why is y/n here.... Me: *appears out of nowhere* Hey,Minho Minho: Ahhh...*jerks back*Erica..what are you doing here you?? Me: Ahhhh...I brought her here... Minho: Why? Me: *smirks* Cause I know Minho: What are you talking about?? *getting shy* Me: Nothing...Hey Y/n You: Ahh...Erica..Minho*a little upset that were both together..alone,but you walk to both of us casually* Minho:*thinking* God she's so cute Me: *pats Minho back really hard enough to push minho back and kiss you and disappear like a ninja* Minho and You:* kiss* Minho:*kisses you more passionate and you didn't resist it* You: *Faints along the kiss* Minho: Y/N...hey Y/N.. Me: Ahhh...*appear again this time with Key* Key: Erica...I know your magical...and everything,but why drag me in????
Me: Cause...I can...now help me and I can only drag you in...since you know..and cant let her find out....by the way your driving.. *heads to Minho and takes You aways with me tagging along*
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