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The date was set. BTS was set to debut in June. They all were working hard and like I thought, it was hard to see J-hope. If I got the chance to see him it was for a few minutes before he had to go to sleep or go back into the studio to practice. They had just finished making their mv and they all were excited when I got a text from J-hope. My Hope: So do you wanna explain yourself? Me: ? My Hope: Why didn't you tell me you were the one who got hit by the bike? Me: Who told you? My Hope: it doesn't matter answer my question. Me: I didn't want you worrying I was and am fine. My Hope: I'm your boyfriend I have the right to know this stuff. Me: Please don't be upset with me...I didn't want you distracted while you are so close to your dream. I really didn't want to be the reason you couldn't concentrate. My Hope: (y/n) I'm really upset that you didn't tell me but I get it. I do. But if you ever get hurt again and don't tell me I will be pissed and who knows what I'll do? Me: break up? My Hope: NO! I just might come after you and pin you down until you begin for mercy. Me: kinky? My Hope: No....well it does sound that way :) Me: I have something to tell you.... I already took care of the problem but you should know about it. My Hope: Ok what is it? Me: can I call you? My Hope: yea I called him and I finally told him about what happened with my parents. He was pissed at them especially my mom for doing that to me and he was completely on my side. Of course he wished he was with me when it happened but he was glad he wasn't because he would have flipped out on them. After we talked he had to go back to the practice room once again. So we hung up and went on to doing our own thing. I threw myself into my work. I didn't have just one job I had several. I just wanted to keep my mind busy and away from any bad thoughts. I loved having a few jobs. One job paid my bills and the others were saving money or spending money. I really liked it. It had been a few days before I had realized I hadn't gotten a text from J-hope and I was worried. Me: Hey I sat there staring at my phone for what felt like forever. He didn't respond. I hope everything was ok. I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up in the morning there was a text. My Hope: Hey sorry been busy. That was it. I knew he was busy he didn't need to tell me that. I was a little upset at the response but just decided not to make a big deal about it to him. I walked into the bathroom. I hadn't had any bad thoughts in a while but today... today I had all my doubts come slamming into me. I was still too skinny....I hated my face, I hated it all. I turned on the shower and hopped in. I really didn't like this feeling. I heard a noise but just figured it was my neighbors and continued with my shower. I closed my eyes and just let the warm water run down my face when a pair of cold hands went around my waist. "Hey baby." I turned my head "Hobi!" I turned my whole body and hugged him. I didn't even realize I had started crying. "What's wrong?" He asked while hugging me tighter. "I was thinking bad thoughts...I just missed you too much and....and..." "Shh it's ok I'm here now. I'm sorry we haven't talked much we are just close to our debut day and everything's getting crazy." "No I get it I really do. I'm just being a baby." He pushed me back a bit so he could see my face. "Don't say that you're not a baby." He said and pressed his lips against mine. " I only have a few hours to do what I want and I needed to see you." "Thank you." I pressed my lips to his. We quickly finished our shower and went to cuddle on the couch in the living room. We had the tv on but it was just background noise. We were talking and goofing around I was really happy to spend time with him. Before he had to leave we took some photos so that we had some to look at when we weren't around each other. Then he received a text and had to go. When he left we were obviously sad but happy that we got to spend a few hours together. I knew one thing and that was if Hobi wasn't in my life I wouldn't be around....I would have killed myself a long time ago. I just need to try to keep the bad thoughts at bay while he is gone.
I know this chapter is waaaaaaay shorter than the rest but this is like a filler. The next chapter will def. be longer. Did you at least enjoy it? I hope so.
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ughhhhhhhh the feels are killings me why why why!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 but I still love it it's so good πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’—β€
What happen why so short ? Writer's block huh!
Haha! I enjoyed it as always! thank you! okie, time for part 10!! πŸ’›
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