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Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90 It took me quite a while to try & decide which bias to pick for this. In the end the music I was listening to made the decision for me.

CNU of B1A4

1 Sunglasses: Technically he is in sunglasses 2 Selca: One of my fav pics 3 Eating: Sort of lol 4 Messy Hair: Cute messy 5 In Red: I have several pics of him in red but this is one of my favorites
6 Pre Debut: One of my fav pre debut pics. He's so adorably squishy!! 7 Shirtless: This is the closest I could come up with. 8 Singing: I love his voice! That is a very lucky fan. 9 Being Sexy: I have no words 10 Eating chicken
11 At the airport 12 Airport fashion 13 With Eyeliner 14 Waving: He's too cute! 15 Dancing
16 Laughing 17 In Black: One of my favorites 18 At The Photoshoot: Goofing off at the photoshoot 19 Doing Peace Sign 20 Winking
21 Aegyo 22 Black Hair 23 Drinking 24 Favorite MV: I couldn't decide between the three, so I went with all of them. 25 Sleeping: Poor thing must have been exhausted.
26 At Fansign Event 27 Eyes 28 At Radio Show 29 Favorite OTP I don't really ship but I can't resist my B1A4 UB & squishy together, they're to cute for words. 30 Favorite Kpop Group These boys are definitely up there on my list.
@EliseB yep Lol
His aegyo is adorable! lol