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I am sorry I wasn't able to update on Thursday like I had originally told you. School has been hectic. I am about to run off to work so I decided to cut this part a bit shorter than I had originally planned just so I can give you all a little something. Hopefully I will finish this one in the next part and go to work on the next chapter of Diamonds. Hope you enjoy!
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The blueberry rolled around your bowl as you pushed it around absentmindedly. You were not much of a breakfast person, but your father required you to attend with him and your mother every morning. Since he would spend late nights at the company he said that breakfast should be a mandatory family event. You half listened to your mother go on and on about how she thought the ball last night had been the best so far.
You suppressed the urge to snort. The only semi exciting event from last night was meeting the rude man in the silver mask. He had never told you his name and after he had left the ball ended in the usual boring fashion.
“So I saw you talking to someone last night. There seemed to be chemistry there.” Your mother gushed.
You sighed softly and took a drink of your tea. Of course she would have noticed, you were talking to a male.
When you hadn’t answered quickly enough she began asking more questions. “What was his name?”
This time you shook your head and looked up at her. “I don’t know.” You emotionlessly popped the last blueberry in your mouth and watched her frown at you.
“If you don’t want to tell me you can just say so. You can keep your secrets.” She giggled and pushed at your arm playfully.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “No mother, he never told me his name. I don’t even think he has been to one of your balls before.” You moved on to the new bowl of fruit Abigail had placed in front of you.
“They are your balls dear. I throw them for you.”
A fake smile plastered itself on your lips and you looked up at her. “Then we don’t need to have anymore? I am not exactly a big fan of them in the first place.”
Your mother’s face contorted into an angry scowl and she looked like she was ready to yell at you again.
“Y/N.” You looked up to your father and noticed his ‘be nice to her’ look he always gave you when your mother would start to pout. “The balls aren’t exactly a bad idea. Just give them a chance.”
You took a large breath then smiled at him halfheartedly. “Yes father.”
You headed back to your room to get ready for the day your mind still reeling from your mother’s nonstop talk about what the next ball would be, but you couldn’t help but wonder if he would come. The moment the thought passed through your mind you scolded yourself. He was rude, and you shouldn’t waste a thought towards that man.
There were only two more balls scheduled before your mother tried to take your fate into her own hands and married you off to the highest bidder. You started to think about the men you had met through all of your early balls… you couldn’t remember any. You had never taken the time to talk to any of the other men that attended enough to even catch their names. Rolling your eyes, you flopped back onto your bed. At this rate you would end up marrying whomever your mother found fit, and that thought had you more worried than relieved.
There was a knock at your door and Abigail walked in smiling at you. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for work dear?” You looked over to the clock next to your bed and nodded your head.
“I suppose I should get ready at some point.” You pulled yourself up from the bed and began to get ready. Your work would not get done if you laid in bed all day long.
Brushes, makeup, hair spray, heels, and an hour later, you were ready to start your day. You grabbed a purse and headed out the door a slight bow to your father as he headed for his own car. He may own his own big business, that honestly you didn’t even know what it did, but you hand turned to your more artistic side and had taken to interior decorating.
Not even a moment after you got into the back seat of your car your phone started to ring. “Hello?”
“Y/N, we received a call this morning from the new hotel downtown. They want to move your meeting to this morning. I have sent Christa to the site with your notes and book.”
You sighed and nodded. “Okay, I will head that way then.” It wasn’t like the drive would have been that far out of your way, but you hated it when people couldn’t stick to plans they themselves had come up with. You told the driver of the new destination and moved to pull up your files on your tablet.
The hotel was new and you had been hired to decorate the large 20 story building room by room. The high end hotel was supposed to be opened in a few months, and it was your job to fully decorate from floor one to floor twenty in a way that would please your client.
You looked up at the nice and modern building deciding you would show the client your more modern design ideas before moving on to some of the classic ones you had brought. As soon as you made your way into the front room you looked around amazed.
You had seen drawings of what the final architecture would look like but nothing was ever like looking at the finished product. The large open room and built in fountain that you had suggested splayed down the middle of the room and you smiled. You started to imagine the walls with different colors and accent tones to match the white marble floor when you heard clicking on the floor behind you.
“You must be Y/N.” The woman smiled at you. “Taecyeon will be arriving in a few moments.”
You nodded your head and went back to looking around. This was the first time you would meet the owner of the hotel. His assistant had been the one you had talked to in person before this. Apparently this was not his only hotel and he had been busy at his main office. You were curious to meet this man. The press would always call him the faceless billionaire bachelor. He never flaunted his money and refused to do press conferences even for the opening of his own new hotels. Most of the rich people you had met, like your own father, were more than happy to show off their money.
You heard someone clear their throat and turned around to look at the man who had entered the building. You froze your eyes wide open and your jaw dropped. “Silver mask?” You asked curiously.
“Hello Miss Y/N. Fancy meeting you here.” He smirked at you knowingly, and you wondered how long he had been aware you were his interior designer. Had he used this as a ploy to capture your attention?
“Seems like it isn’t such a surprise for you.” You raised an eyebrow at you. “Are you stalking me?”
“Stalking? Isn’t that a bit harsh?” He shook his head. “I prefer to say pleasantly surprised would fit better. I did not know you were the one who would be decorating my new hotel.”
You eyed him curiously before putting out your hand to shake his. “As you already know I am Y/N, and I guess I have finally found out your name Mr. Taecyeon.”
He smiled at you and nodded shaking your hand in return. “Seems you have.”
Sorry for the short part but I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it. Let me know about tags as always!
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