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Whoa!omo! Daebakkk!  Watch Jessi and BTS battle it out in this rap battle about mobile data service!  This is so lit lol xD Jessi's rap and Bangtan's rap, vocals, and dance was pure gold! :D I think they should collab more, it would be so cool :) (Credit to Allkpop )
It was so exciting and perfect I had to keep watching it over and over again xD lol Who's with me?! -Happy Saturday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
Jungkook looked like a scared lil rabbit when he got a bit close to Jessi like I could tell on the inside he was screaming "DONT GET SHY JUNGKOOK SHE'S JUST A GIRL...A REALLY PRETTY GIRL.." 😂
@erinee I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching it though! my sister only said it was a rap battle and I thought it was supposed to be some hardcore rap battle like "ish bout to go down!! " just to watch and find out it's about a data plan. i loved it though. (🐳 Sky)
I was honestly "?????" throughout the entire video lmao. Like where did this come from. Jin being extra and Kookie looking like Jessi was about to snap on him....all over data plans smh