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Dongwan revealed that he once went through a serious slump following a deadly car accident. On the June 4th broadcast of tvN's 'Baek Ji Yeon's People Inside', Dongwan shared, "I was involved in a car accident in the past while I was busy promoting as Shinhwa, DJ, and in a drama. Due to the accident, one of the staff members died." "The thought that pressed me the most at the time was, 'Who am I that people have to undergo such difficult schedules and risk their lives?' In a way, the staff member died because of me. I didn't work for a while and didn't want to work under those conditions." "Even as I was filming a drama recently, I felt like my lifespan was decreasing from the busy working environment. I thought to myself, 'Who am I to make these people have to carry out such difficult tasks?' Honestly, I am still affected by it." Source allkpop About the car accident: On Sep 17 2002, Dongwan was involved in a car accident as the car he was in rear-ended a 3-ton truck. Dongwan and his manager, who was driving, received serious injuries and are receiving treatment at a hospital. Dongwan, who was in the backseat, suffered critical injuries to his back and neck and will likely continue to feel pain following treatments. His coordinator Kim Yoosun, who was riding in the front passenger seat, died at the scene. They were on their way to a filming of the KBS 2TV miniseries “Chun-gook-eh Ah-ee-deul/Heaven’s kids.” ---- Dongwan is a thoughtful guy and has his own philosophy in life that he has built up from reading books and watching movies. I really do admire him a lot. I understand completely why he was blaming himself, but it's saddening to see him having such thought. Having said that, I'm truly very sad that someone passed away. It's been a long time, but may she RIP. I'm glad that he was able to overcome it and bounce back as an artist now. I hope no accident will ever happen again. Kim Dongwan ah~ fighting!