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So the dinner went really well. It was the perfect blend of spontaneity and planned. She gave me permission to go all out so I surprised her with her favorite flowers on her doorstep with a birthday card. I picked her up and arrived on time to the restaurant which was out doors in the moonlight with candles. When dessert came, the staff wrote happy birthday with her name on the plate and a birthday candle, she cried tears of joy and the pianist played happy birthday as she blew out the candle. We went to a park for a walk, gave her the present I got her, left it in the car and talked until the sprinklers came on and then took her by the hand and ran through the sprinklers. It was a really great night and while she let me down nicely at the end of the night. She was afraid of breaking my heart because I was the nicest guy but she simply didn't feel the same and honestly, I wasn't surprised. I didn't let it ruin the night because I was just happy to get it off my chest and was glad to remain her best friend. All in all, it was a wonderful night for both of us.
@EasternShell thank you, it was a bumpy road for awhile but we both came out stronger for it and even better friends.
I'm so glad you shared. It sounds like it was a beautiful evening. You mentioned you were glad you did it. She seemed happy and really knows how much you value her. It may not have ended quite the way you wanted, but that is a special memory neither of you will forget. I'm touched by the strength of your friendship.
@RafaelRese18 That is so good to hear.
@sophiamor I can't say I wasn't disappointed but everything happens for a reason.
Aw, it sounds like it was a great night. I am glad that the both of you enjoyed it!
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