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Restless nights...
He's looking pretty upset...
It's because of @katyng52!!!!
He's trying to understand.
He's seen the pictures.
He knows Daesung is absolutely ridiculously fabulous.
He even wrote a song about him for you @katyng52.
He knows he has to compete hard or he'll lose you.
I think he's making a damn good effort.
So just stay here...
And stop thinking about Daesung (cuz he's @KDSnKJH's).
Or he'll be upset.
That's why he'll always only be your #1.
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oh Wow!!.. if she does want him I'd take him..lol
@KDSnKJH araso araso😍😍😍!!! my ovaries exploded 10 times and now am melted in a puddle!! I am still all urs GD jagiya 😘😘, where the hell could I possibly go?! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
@Sailynn u were on that I see that!! @KDSnKJH stop peeking in my brain, That XX is my GD solo fav! 😘😘 which fits this situation just well..haha
So this is how the war started... I see.
@helixx Lol. Actually blame ur @lovetop and @katyng52 !!!