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So I was taking some quizzes to see what type of dere I was (because I was curious I took like 10!). And I mostly got Dandere and Kuudere. (I got Moe to and I don't even know if that's a type of dere too?) Anyways I was really curious and I was like maybe I'm just a mix of both? But idk.

Alright so here they are I order of by how I took them in the pictures. Enjoy! 😁😁

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@Lizzeh so i finished the whole tests each one of them and you wont believe this but i got exactly 50/50 of being a dandere and kuudere haha
@JoseYzaguirre damn really? Do you feel like it's accurate? 😁
kinda like yeah im shy towards girls and i get the emotion part for others and me, i get mad but stay calm, i like to be happy but for some random reason i get sad but deal with it so yeah almost fits me but the test was only from a girl point of view type thing so its a bit weird to answer most.... hahahaha (this was ment to be short)
@JoseYzaguirre lmao well its okay don't worry about it I take tests that some times are only meant for guys. XD no worries no worries.
haha ^-^ yeah i kinda with they had that what your sex so they know not to get mixed up haha