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Hello...... It's me. Well a good friend of mine asked me for a favor and this is how the conversation went..... *WARNING! There will be some sexy / cute pictures of Taecyeon from 2pm. Please do not continue if you are: faint of the heart, still have a bit of innocence, have "The feels" syndrome, or if you choke on oxygen from seeing chocolate abs. Thanks! :) *
This is where it all started. With a simple favor.
This is the first wave. She wasn't ready!
The 2nd wave. I had to ask if she was still alive!
Then she asked for some more! She could barely breathe with what I was giving her. XD
The last wave before she decided that she needed to go and get some air for a little bit. Some of the conversations I have with people........
@Ercurrent Sehun's booty call. That part got cut off and yep I have her saved under that name! Lol
@xroyalreisx Kevin hart is always relatable when it comes to just about everything
I think you were trying to kill me as well with all of these beautifulness of him. Ugh
Is her name in your phone sehun' booty? 馃槀馃槀
omg 馃槗
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