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A very popular soup in Algeria, cooked slowly in a clay pot (image 2) especially appreciated during fasting month “RAMADAN” where you can find it on almost every table at the same time because depending on time zone, people eat at the same time, exactly at sunset time so the streets are deserted at this time (It’s the time of the year when all family members are gathered on a dining table) Frik is a kind of crushed dried green wheat grains (image 3), I don’t think you can find it outside Algeria but it can be replaced with Lebanese Bulgur or simply some rice (the taste is not the same but still really good) This is the way my mom does it (there are different ways depending the region and tastes) Ingredients : 300gr of lamb fillet cut in small pieces 1 small potato 1 big carrot (or 2 small ones) 1 finely minced medium onion (must have a sharp taste and makes you cry a lot :D) 1 branch of celery (you can use also the leaves) 1 handful of fresh coriander 1 cube of chicken stock 1 handful of cooked chickpeas 60gr of Frik or bulgur washed with water (if you don’t have it put some rice a small handful is enough) Salt ½ tea spoon each: grounded (black pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger) 1 tbs of tomato paste 1 tbs of vegetable oil (olive oil will be better) 1 tbs of butter Preparation: In the pot (even if it’s not made of clay it can work) you put the butter and the oil on the stove you add the lamb, the onions a tea spoon of salt, the spices and stir until the meat is golden brown then you add the veggies cut in large pieces, the chicken stock cube, the celery and the coriander as well, give it a little stir then you add a liter and a half boiling water. When it’s boiling turn down the heat to the minimum. When the meat is almost done you add the Frick, you take off all the veggies the celery and the coriander branches and mix everything into a puree and put it back in the pot (the soup must not be too thick, if it is add more water). Rise the heat, add the tomato paste and if you’re using rice it’s the time to put it in. When the meat is done add the chickpeas give it a little boil and turn the heat off. Add some chopped fresh coriander and serve with a squeeze of lemon
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@mirandapark88 :D I think I'm bad in describing taste lol, for sure it has the taste of fresh coriander but if you like to cook try the recipe, just replace the crushed wheat with some rice not a lot because it has to remain liquid, I explained it in the recipe steps, just gie it a try you won't be disappointed I promess :)
@ouahoo describeee itttt!!! i'm sure a lot of people are curioussss ummmmmmmmm
@miranpark88 thank you, if only you could taste it, it's far better than it looks :)
@ouahoo the colors look absolutely amazing!!!!
@ouahoo so , you are leaving to ROme next week right ? hehe enjoy !! And have fun in there ! Do not forget the present :P
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