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**Requested by @ScarletMermaid**
Thank you for the request!!!! I hope you like it :)


Tao sighed as he unbuckled his belt slowly, fiddling with the top button of his jeans for a second before popping it out of the hole. He palmed himself gently before adding more pressure, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth in pleasure before he finally eased the zip down.
Easing the waistband of his boxer briefs down, he pulled out his half-hard cock and began to work himself up and down, the tip of his dick pearly with pre-cum. He slicked it down the length of his shaft, rolling his head back. He was stretched out like a cat on his bed, jacking off at freaking 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon just because he couldn’t keep his teenage-like hormones in control.
His girlfriend was out working her weekend shift at the cafe, taking more and more hours and shifts in order to help pay her tuition fees and the rent of their shared apartment.
Tao always said she didn’t have to bother, that he earned enough to help her pay off her fees, but she always dismissed it. She told him firmly that she didn’t want to rely on him, and he learned to respect that.
Thinking about his girlfriend made his cock jerk in his hand, and he moaned loudly, not even bothering to muffle the sound in the empty apartment. They hadn’t had sex for the past week, since she was always so tired after a long day’s worth of work. So Zitao would just have to let out his sexual frustration some other way, and he smirked lazily as he fantasized about all the things his baby could do with that pretty little mouth of hers...
You shoved the key into the lock of your apartment angrily, muttering under your breath as you cursed my boss. He had sent you home early after you accidentally dropped a ceramic mug of coffee, splattering hot mocha everywhere. You had cleaned it up in a half-asleep daze, muttering apologies to the customer who you were supposed to be serving. That was when Suho had pulled you aside and told you to go home early because you looked “like a zombie”.
You knew he only had your best interests at heart, but you couldn’t help thinking wistfully about all that extra cash that you could be earning right now as you let yourself into the apartment. Still, at least one good thing about going home early was that you could spend time relaxing with Tao.
“Hey baby!” you announced loudly, hanging up your coat and leaving your shoes by the door as you looked around the apartment. You heard a muffled yelp. “Tao?”
You made a beeline for the closed bedroom door, pushing it open without hesitation. Tao’s face was bright red, his hair mussed up as he lay at an awkward angle on the bed.
“What are you doing?” You asked suspiciously as your boyfriend subtly adjusted his sloppily fastened belt.
“......Nothing really.” he replied quickly. “Just taking a nap.”
You flopped down onto the bed on your stomach, burying your face into the mattress. “A nap sounds good right now,” you mumbled. You lifted my head. “But,” you began, rolling over suddenly to straddle Tao with ease, “I think we should do something.”
“What?” He asked, his voice strained as you tightened my thighs around him absently.
“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Let’s go out and do something together, we haven’t been out on a date for ever. How about-” you broke off suddenly, your eyes widening when you felt something hard poke against your ass.
Tao moaned as you shifted your position on his lap, his eyes rolling back in his head. “Are you...hard?” you asked, a small smile playing around on your lips.
You could see him mentally debating whether or not to deny it before deciding that there was no point when his arousal was so evident.
“Yes,” he gritted out eventually, looking embarrassed. “I was in the middle of...something before you came in, okay?” He sounded defensive as you giggled.
“Aww, Tao,” you chuckled, ruffling his hair. “Have I been neglecting you?”
He growled, suddenly flipping your positions and making you yelp as he pinned your wrists to the bed. “You owe me a good orgasm,” he mumbled, pressing his lips against your neck as you writhed beneath him.
“Zitao,” you gasped, feeling a heat pool between your legs as soon as he began grinding, practically dry humping you into the mattress.
“Just lie here and let me take care of you,” he murmured, mouth hot and wet against your skin.
“Mmm..” you agreed with a happy hum as Tao sat up, stripping himself of his t-shirt. Your breath hitched at the sight of his toned abs, with the dark, seductive happy trail leading down to his crotch where you could see a growing bulge.
You began unbuttoning your own shirt as Tao worked off his belt, and you laughed when you realized he hadn’t even had time to unbutton his shirt or zip off his jeans. “Shut up,” he muttered, slapping your thigh gently as he pulled off his jeans, along with his boxers.
He knelt there above you with his cock standing proud and began stroking it languidly, mouth hanging open and eyes hooded as he watched you undress yourself. The sight turned you on so much that you became flustered as you tried to yank my shirt off.
They came off eventually as Tao continued to stroke himself with a schlick, schlick of his palm against wet, heated flesh. Moments later, he practically ripped your panties off of you as you unclasped your bra.
“Someone’s eager,” you commented breathlessly as Tao dived forward to latch his mouth onto your right nipple, his tongue swirling over the erect bud. You groaned and he seemed satisfied with your instantaneous response, smirking around your breast before he moved to suck on the other one.
“Tao,” you pleaded after barely a minute of him kissing and caressing your breasts. You were so wet and I needed him, now. “Please.”
“Please what?” He asked. You two had played this game many times before, but it didn’t stop your cheeks from flaring.
“I need you,”you said, jaw clenching in annoyance when Tao snickered.
“Use your words, baby,” he said, his hand pinching the inside of your bare thigh suddenly, making you jerk.
“Bastard,” you gasped, yanking him towards you for a kiss. Our tongues fought for dominance, and he slid two fingers inside you at once, making you break apart from him to moan loudly. “Tao, more, please!”
“Greedy girl,” he murmured appreciatively, sliding a third finger inside of you and beginning to thrust them in and out slowly. His long, thick fingers moving against your walls were sending delicious shivers through my body, but it wasn’t enough.
“T-tao,” you choked out. “I want your cock.”
Tao grunted at my words, withdrawing his fingers and sucking on them quickly. He placed his hands on your legs and spread them as far as they would go, settling himself comfortably between them.
Instead of plunging inside of you, he settled with working the tip of his hard cock against your folds, slicking it up with your arousal.
“Don’t tease,” you begged, your hands clutching his biceps as he smirked down at you.
“I never tease,” he lied before he suddenly thrust his hips, sheathing himself in my heat in one go. “Fuck.” His head fell onto your shoulder as he gasped. You rolled your hips to send him further inside you, and he gripped your hips so tight you knew there would be bruises tomorrow.
“Ahhhh...Tao,” I groaned loudly. “Move.”
He obeyed, pulling out and thrusting back inside, hard. You jerked as he thrust into you stimulating you again and again, his hips moving like a well-oiled machine.
“So fucking good,” he panted as he stared at me with a hazy, lustful gaze. “You feel so good around me, baby.”
You squealed as he rolled you over, his back hitting the mattress as his hands rose to your waist to steady me.
“Bounce,” he ordered smugly as you smacked his chest.
“What happened to you taking care of me?”
“But I can reach you deeper like this,” he grunted, jerking his hips up in demonstration. You groaned loudly, arching your back as his cock moved even further inside you. You whimpered as you braced your hands against his chest and began to lift yourself up and down on his hard, throbbing cock eagerly. It would be a lie to say you didn’t love being able to change the angle of his dick inside of you.
“Yes, just like that,” Tao groaned. He propped himself up on his elbows to kiss you, his teeth tugging your lower lip teasingly before he licked dirtily inside your mouth. The kiss was blind and messy, teeth clashing and lips swelling, his hips fucking up into you every time you dropped down, your bodies moving in perfect unison.
“Tao...Tao,” you chanted, a steady stream of ah, ah, ahs following shortly after as you adjusted your hips slightly so he hit that perfect spot.
“You gonna cum, baby?” Tao asked, his voice rough and low, recognizing the signs on your face, the way you chewed on my lower lip as your eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy. “Cum for me. Fucking squeeze my cock.”
Your orgasm had your whole body shuddering in pleasure, the shock of it sending you forward onto Tao’s chest as he thrust his hips upward one last time. He reversed your positions yet again so he was on top, hooking his arms beneath your legs and tugging them up as he fucked you through your orgasm.
“Yes, Zitao!!” you practically yelled as he snarled, your walls clamping around his cock like a vice. Tao leaned forward to suck furiously on your neck, giving you a beautiful, dark love bite just as he came, shooting his hot, thick cum inside you, streams of it leaking out as he carried on his ceaseless thrusting until he milked every last bit of it out.
“Fuck,” he groaned, falling forward with one last twitch of his hips and crushing you as you yelped.
“That was so good,” he panted, kissing my sweaty, warm forehead before pulling his softening cock out of you. He remained lying on top of you but he had the sense to elevate himself up on his arms, smiling down at you.
You turned your face to hide it in the covers as he laughed and peppered your collarbone with kisses. You flicked a finger against him running it down the length of his abdominal muscles. “I can’t say that it’s not nice to come home early to this,” you confessed with a smile.
Tao looked pleased with himself as he brushed his nose against yours. “Even if we weren’t making love, I’d just be happy to have you here,” he confessed quietly. “I feel like we haven’t spent time together in ages.”
“Sorry,” you murmured guiltily before he shook his head.
“Don’t be,” he said, sighing against your skin. “Let’s just spend the rest of the day in bed, okay?”
You giggled when he finally moved off of you and pulled you to his chest. “But I’m all sweaty and sticky,” you complained.
“Hmm,” he said, a slow smile spreading across his lips. “Then let’s get you cleaned up.”
You laughed loudly when he suddenly picked you up easily in his arms and headed for the bathroom. You adored days like these: spending time with your panda, just the two of you, being in love 24/7.
May have got carried away a tiny bit lol xD Let me know how I did @ChelseaJay :D Also don't be afraid to leave suggestions!!
*cries a river, puts on floaties, and proceeds to swim in the river* @PrincessUnicorn thank you so much! It's beautiful, like I live tao so much and I love you too and it came together to be so awesome!
I think you went overboard. Jk It's great!!👍👌 keep it going!😋👏
yeah.. you didn't know I was trying to get over him...I did this to myself.. why did I read it!!!!? smh... so good.
awesome! just a teensy bit confusing sometimes cause you switch from saying my to you.
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