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First off my lovely readers...Mianhe..I have not been feeling well and have been working Like crazy. I get up for work at 5 am and for like the past three weeks I've been getting home a between 6pm and 8pm at night. leaving me to get my son ready for bed and homework. I haven't been able to do much. I also am very anemic, an insomniac, and low vitamin D (very low). so I have been averaging like 3 hours a night/day for sleep. So little to say a recipe for sickness. I have had this typed for a day because I did it on my work breaks. But I just wanted to let you all know I am very sorry I haven't posted it yesterday or this morning. I took time to spend with my 8 year old son today. But tomorrow expect ch3 and 4 if I don't get called into work. But without further ado Here is ch 2.
I woke up by the sound of a flash going off in face disturbing the peaceful and warm feeling of my sleep. I open my eyes and see Mark and Bambam standing their with evil smirks. I look up at them on confusion "Why are they here in my dorm," I thought as I started to stretch to rub the sleepiness away my hand was met by a chest. I sat up straight now and then memories of last night replay in my mind as I take a look around. After realizations dawn, I jump up looking for my phone in a freakout. I hear Mark barking out in laughter and dangles my phone in my face. I grab it trying to turn it on. "No, No, No! Shit I forgot to charge it. I got to tgo. They are probably freaking out. God, Luna and Emm will throttle me. Where are my shoes?" I go to my shoes. As frantically trying to put them Junior wakes up and Bam bam and Mark are chuckling at my actions. "Baby, calm down," Junior says as he stretches and his shirt lifts up and I blush as I get a peek at his abs. He comes over and gives me a hug calming my nerves. I inhale his scent and snuggle into his warm embrace. He pulls back. I look at him and hug him one more time. "I have to leave like now and calm their nerves and freakouts. Why don't you all come over in about 4 hours and text or call me when you get there?" I give each boy a hug and run out the door. I smile as I hear them call out "See you in a bit Veronica!"
I arrive back at the apartment with my head already bent down and me saying "Mianhe, Mianhe. Mianhe." I look up and met by five pillows thrown at me, a shoe (really Emm?) And then someone colliding into me and wrapping their arms around me in a death squeeze (Aaliyah). "Can't breathe Aaliyah," I wheeze out. She unwraps me from a hug. Luna and Emm eye my attire up and down and a I just now remember I am still wearing Jr clothes. "Care to explain where you were all night and why your not in your own clothes my dear V," Luna and Emm ask. I see the curiosity in all the girls eyes. I bring my hand up and run it through my short pixie hair, "funny, story about that and I promise to tell you as soon as I change and get something to eat." They all agree. I go to my room that I share with Aaliyah and she follows me in. "Oh my god, Unnie, I was terrified something happened to you. Please call me or text me next time. I died like a 1000 deaths because of you. You are in for a big revenge for scaring us like that." I change into Capri yoga pants and a camisole for the time being. "I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you girls. I promise." As soon as those words left my mouth I saw an evil little smirk appear on her face and her eyes lit with excitement. We leave the room and I ask of anyone wants an omelet. "Yes!" Rang throughout the apartment. I made my specialty cheesy egg omelet, hashbrowns, and oj for everyone. We sat down and ate breakfast together. Once down eating we convened in our living room where I proceeded to tell the events from the night before. When I got to the part of the story that JB confessed to me Mandi gave me the evil eye but was relieved when I told them I confessed to Jr. In my story telling I told them how Jr and I kissed and got "Awe and how was it?" I blushed and said it was the most amazing kiss in my 25 years of life. I explained how I had changed into his clothes and cuddled up with him watching The Notebook, and that I must have fallen asleep. "I couldn’t call you guys because my phone died and of course I didn't have it on the charger. Oh shit, that reminds me I need to charge it." I jump up and run to put my cell phone on the charger. I come back to the room. I have 12 pairs of eyes on me. "So, ladies what should V's punishment be? Suggestions," Emm asks everyone. "She needs to cook breakfast the next three weeks and do dishes," Mandi suggests. "Cleans our art studio and all art supplies for the next 2 weeks, does all the grocery shopping, and cleans the bathroom," suggests Luna. I groan, I really hate the cleaning the bathrooms. "V, I know you know what I want your punishment to be," Ali says and I'm pleading with my eyes no. "You are going to edit my next book which I need to publish in a months time." I groan but agree to it. "Aaliyah, what would you like for V to do, before I give her my punishment," Emm asks. "I want her to sweat as much as we did when we where worrying about her. So for the next three hours she is going to dance kpop choreography with me. Anyone else want to join in? You guys can come and go as you please but I am going to make her dance it off. Muahahahaha!" she says with an evil laugh. I look to Emm. "My punishment for you is nothing because everyone else gave you one. But I want a hug now."
I run to her and wrap my arms around her and then the other girls come up and join in on the hug. Shortly after I head to do dishes. Then I meet the girls in the living room where we start dancing to different groups. Sometime around the 2 hour mark Luna went off to paint, and Ali to work more on her story. Emm, Aaliyah, Mandi, Mari and I still dancing. I stop to get a drink of water and look at the time. I hear my phone go off. I stop in the room and see it is Jr calling. "Baby girl, we are outside your home, come let us in." I decided to be sneaky and head to the door. Once I get there and open the door. I motion for all the guys to keep quiet as we head in. The girls where still dancing to Got7 IF you. Aaliyah was doing youngjae's part, Mandi's JB, Emm Jackson's part, and Mari Bam Bam's part. Mandi was doing JB's intense feel down her body when I brought them in. Jackson saw Emm and his yes lit up like a christmas tree. Bam Bam just walks over and joins the dance. That's when all the girls notice the guys and give me a death glare. They grab our pillows from the couch and call Ali and Luna to join in on our pillow fight. "Ali and Luna get out here we need to teach Veronica some manners. Grab your pillows its time for a pillow fight." I burst out even more in laughter because Luna charges in with her paint smock and paint all in her hair and on her face. When she spots Mark she yeaps and turns around and runs back to the studio but first she throws her pillow at me and yells "Not cool V! You could have warned us!" Ali being comes up and smacks me in the face with her pillow but turns to the guys afterwards and smiles. "Hi, I'm Ali." Yugyeom smiles but looks bashfully away. Jackson walks up to Emm. "Haven't we met before? I swear I've seen your beautiful face somewhere before Princess?" I swear Emm was squealing on the inside but played it off cool. "A I am not your Princess, I am a Queen, just for future reference and I am looking for my king," she gives him a wink. "Yes we have met before. I work as a radio dj." Mari says hi to Bam bam and those too look like they are in cahoots. They have been getting closer over the last two weeks. Luna comes out with a clean face and comes to give me a hug as I talk to Jr and Mark. Mark looks at her then away. "Mark, this is Luna. Luna don't be shy." She smiles sweetly and gives a quiet hello. Aaliyah and Youngjae are still playing pillow fight with the pillows the girls threw at me earlier. Jackson notices and picks one up. "These are some cool pillows. Guys take a look." Emm has an evil look in her eye and goes to grab some more pillows as all members of Got7 take a look at the pillows. She hands us pillows and we attack. All the guys deflect our attacks. Soon Jackson tackles Emm around the waist and drops her on the couch. Emm lets out a giggle. "Omo, she laughs and it is as beautiful as her. Want to be my girlfriend?" Jackson asks. Emm being emm doesn't agree. He is going to have to work for it. "Psshh, it's going to take more than pretty words to win me over!" The girls and I laugh and know if he asks her one more time and does aeygo she will gave in. Mark comes and sits beside me and asks me to give his number to Luna. I said yes. After our epic pilow fight with the guys we all agree to have a BBQ and go into our backyard. Jr grabs my hands and sits with me under our big tree. I smile at him shyly and bite my lip. "Don't avoid me, beautiful." He pecks my cheek and my face goes up in flames. "Look at me, Veronica, I missed you all day!" I smile and lean into him and wrap my arms around his waist. Soon the girls and guys came over dragging us into the fold. I helped grill meat with Mark, Bam Bam, and Mari. Luna, Jr, JB, and Emm set up the table. Jackson and Aaliyah got the music ready. We all sang and danced the night away. Shortly it was time for them to leave. I walked them all to the door and said goodbye. Jr and I hugged with a promise for him to text when he arrived home. I came back in and the girls where flushed with excitement. We all got ready for bed and said our good nights.
We are super cute guys!Best roommates ever and @Veronicaartino we love you! Rest and take care of yourself!! @luna1171
yes rest. take your time.. this is amazing @Veronicaartino
Omg I'm blushing so bad and I cant stop smiling.. I'm going crazy @luna1171 I gonna die I know it.. @Veronicaartino you know me so well that is totally me haha.. I love it ♥♥♥♥😘😘😘😘
I bet that yugyeom will be mine 😈😈😈
@VeronicaArtino I'm just kidding don't rush ok you need to sleep and rest .. take lots of chamomile tea..or Nighty Night Tea..
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