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The next few weeks quickly turn into months and you spend them in sweet company. Secret dates quickly become a part of your daily routine; dating is against the rules… both YGs and your parents rules. Minho was proving to be a sweet and dedicated boyfriend… although you could tell that he was ready to move onto the next step in your relationship. The past couple of monthly evaluations had gone well but your mind was often fixated more on Minho’s lips than on practice. For the first time in a while everything was going well, like in a fairy-tale… and fairy-tales always have a happy ending, right?
*It’s a sleepy summer afternoon; you and the rest of your group are sat in a cafe close to the YG training building. Seoyeon is busy reviewing some lyrics and Soojin is pouting flirtatiously at some boys sat across the room. You peer out of the window and watch the traffic going past; the sound of a tray being placed on the table catches your attention. You turn to smile at Eunji as she places a cup of coffee in front of you.*[Y/N] thanks Eunji[EJ] that’s okay… yah! Soojin stop flirting!*The maknae gets a playful flick to the head as you try to contain your laughter. Soojin rubs her head embarrassed before turning to you with a cute smile.*[SJ] so where’s Minho today?*Just his name alone makes the corners of your mouth turn up into a smile. You fondle your cup of coffee.*[Y/N] probably preparing for that survival show…*The mention of ‘that survival show’ was enough to bring the table to silence. You were all worried for both teams… but, for you, the thought of Minho losing was enough to make your heart ache… he was working so hard.*[SJ] I’m sure he’ll do great, you don’t have to worry![Y/N] I know…*Suddenly your phone vibrates on the table and the screen flashes up causing a small smile to appear on your face. You open the text.*[Minho] - meet me in the practice room?[Y/N] - when?[Minho] - now? x[Y/N] I have to go…*You smile as you gather up your belongings.The others watch you with bemused expressions; even Seoyeon looks up from her work to grin at you.*[SY] speak of the devil?*You blush cutely and put some money on the table for your drink.*[Y/N] I’ll see you later, okay?*You slip on your jacket and walk out into the late afternoon sunshine; the sun blinds you momentarily as your eyes adjust to the brightness. You walk slowly and simply enjoy the moment.*
*You find yourself at the entrance to the YG training building and wander through the corridors of practice rooms; peering through the small windows in the doors.*[Y/N] where is he?*You finally notice a familiar figure sat playing guitar in an empty practice room. You smile to yourself as your heart starts to beat fast. You push open the door quietly and step into the room.*
*Minho doesn’t notice that you’ve entered the room so you stand quietly by the door and listen to the pretty melody flowing from the guitar. You wait for him to finish playing. Minho looks up from the guitar and finally notices you; a shy smile creeps onto his face.*[MH] oh I didn’t hear you come in…
*You grin up at him as he walks past you to peak out of the door window. With no one in sight he turns back to you and wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into a hug. You sink into his chest. You both stand there for a while; you listen to his heartbeat whilst he murmurs sweet nothings against your neck.*[MH] I missed you…[Y/N] You saw me yesterday…[MH] it was too long…*You smile up at him and he returns your affection with a soft kiss.*[Y/N] we’re going to get caught one of these days…*You murmur against his lips. Minho plants another kiss on your forehead before pulling you over to some chairs. You both sit down. Minho tries avoiding that particular conversation topic.*[MH] so how’s your day been?[Y/N] it’s been really nice… we spent the afternoon in the cafe down the road. Practice went well… yours?[MH] tiring… preparing for this show is… definitely tiring.
*You reach out for him affectionately and stroke his sleepy face.*[Y/N] you should have a nap or something…*Minho looks at you with a smirk and scoots his chair towards you.*[MH] nap with me…[Y/N] yah! do you want to get caught?*You giggle and bite your lip… he was becoming more forward these days. And very tempting. You allow him to pull you off your chair and onto his lap.*[MH] I just want to be with you…
*You sit cradled in his arms for a few minutes; relishing these precious moments. Who knew how long this could last…You breathe in his scent and his warmth; cologne, cigarettes and freshly washed laundry.*[MH] play me something on the piano?*You look up surprised, knocked out of your daydream.*[Y/N] the piano?[MH] mhmm, you look really pretty when you play it…*You smile shyly and walk over to the piano in the corner. You spend a few moments warming up before playing a piece that you’d learnt when you used to study classical music. The piece comes to an end and you glance over your shoulder at Minho who’s sat watching you with a stupid grin on his face.*[Y/N] what?[MH] I’m just happy… it’s a nice break from the whole trainee thing… I wish this was… reality… you know?*You nod at him with a grin and continue to play the piano. You become so focused on the music that you don’t realise Minho has moved until his arms drape over your shoulders and your neck is attacked with soft kisses.*[Y/N] can I help you sir?*You say with a giggle and pat the seat next to you. Minho sits down with his side pressed against yours. He motions for you to continue playing and he watches with curiosity.*[MH] can you teach me?*You smile and grab his hand softly, placing it on the keys.*[Y/N] like this…
*After a while of playing on the piano, Minho nuzzles into your neck and mutters against your shoulder.*[MH] do you want to go for a walk? get some fresh air?
*You grin and get up from the piano. You enjoyed being outside with Minho… you both knew that you wouldn’t be able to spend time together outdoors as soon as the survival show started.*[Y/N] let’s go![MH] uhhh, you’re so cute*He growls as he hugs you from behind; his hands travelling up your sides. After managing to peel him off of you, you both walk out of the YG training centre and head for the nearby park.*[Y/N] are you excited?[MH] excited for what?[Y/N] that you could debut soon… you’ve worked so hard…[MH] of course I am… it’s my dream… but…[Y/N] but?*You glance up at Minho cautiously; he catches your gaze and smiles sweetly. His smile was one of your favourites.*[MH] but everything will change…*Your heart feels heavy as you consider it. The evening sun was getting low and you were both bathed in a warm golden light. You grab Minho’s hand and pull him towards your favourite park bench.*
*The two of you sit closely together and watch life pass before you. As the daylight starts to fade, you both drag yourselves back to the training centre. You take your time enjoying each others company.*[MH] what are you doing tonight?[Y/N] well, I was probably just going to go back to the dorm… Seoyeon wants to go over some song choices or something…[MH] I’ve got to practice some more[Y/N] Don’t work yourself too hard, okay?*As you both arrive at the entrance to the YG training building, Minho pulls you out of view and presses you against a wall in a dimly lit alley. You bite your lip and look up at him… heart race increasing. Minho smirks and teases you with kisses. He lets out a low groan as he presses himself against you.*[MH] Can I come see you later?*Your insides whirl at the thought and your face blushes. You smile coyly and slip back out onto the lit street… you freeze and Minho crashes into you from behind.*[MH] what is it?[AP] Y/N?!*You both stare at the middle-aged man in front of you. You take a step away from Minho and towards the figure in front of you. Your eyes dart between Minho and the man and you start to feel nauseous.*[Y/N] appa?… dad? what are you doing here?
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I like the 'uh oh' look of minho
whaaaaa i wanna be her so i can be wit Mino... tho lol
oh man a twist to the story.