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hello ! i'm so proud of myself :'-) i finished every single request in one day ! yes, i had a lot of free time today. don't judge me. i hope everybody likes theirs !
for : @SusiBosshammer image : kim namjoon (BTS)
for : @SusiBosshammer image : park jimin (BTS)
for : @SusiBosshammer image : kim sungkyu (INFINITE (?))
for : @SusiBosshammer image : im jaebum (GOT7)
for : @AmberRelynn image : park chanyeol (EXO)
for : @marisamusic image : kim jongin (EXO)
for : @MadAndrea image : zhou yixuan (UNIQ)
for : @Mercedesbenz98 image : IKON
for : @Mercedesbenz98 image : SEVENTEEN
for : @Maddie27 image : BTS
for : @Maddie27 image : kwon jiyong (G-Dragon)
for : @Maddie27 image : BIG BANG (i'm so sorry this one is so bad)
for : @Maddie27 image : lee chaerin (CL)
for : @Maddie27 image : WINNER
i hope everyone that who requested was satisfied with the lockscreens ! anyone can request as many times as they would like ! however, please keep your request below 5 lockscreens ! thanks ! anyway, thanks for supporting these and hope people request more !
i love the black and white color, you did amazing!! O.O may I have a group pic of SHINee pleeaasseee also one with taemin xD
thanks and yes Sungkyu is from infinite 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Thank you so much......
of course ! @annaharris1989
Those are so cool! :D May I do a request in the comments?
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