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Astro Twitter Update
Pictures from March 10-12! Idk how to speak Korean so I can't tell you what the captions say.. but enjoy these cute pictures!


Omg their so cute in this and Eunwoo <3 is such a cute little baby lol XD This is from when they filmed their Hide and Seek MV
Awwww MJ with a dog <3
Sanha? What're you pointing at? Ik your cute af but stop my heartue can't take it
They were on the Inkigayo, sorry if I spelt that wrong, music show today, I didn't get to watch it yet but it was probably great!
well hellooooo~ there.. Rocky~~ ㅜㅜ so cute and cool at the same time
I'll keep an update on their Twitter every couple of days so if you want to be tagged in my future posts just let me know!
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Tag me please!! :3
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