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she's blushing because she's in love he's blushing cause he's drunk
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You'll meet him in the Grand Magic Games arc.. He's not a main character or anything though. @SAMURXAI
@UzumakiJess I hear that's like the most eventful arc I need to hurry up and get there lol. so does Cana and the dude like share a moment or anything or is the ship just, cuz?
It's the best arc. At least in my opinion. (: it's just cuz. @SAMURXAI
I hear good things okay gotta hustle up and get there lol. Okay right on lol. I guess Cana doesn't really have an official ship? I've not ever seen her in one. not like all the others. which is to bad. she's pretty and kind, and had a rough go of things. when she got to tell you know who that she was his you know what finally gosh, it was the sweetest thing ever. Although I doubt he'd be chill with her dating anybody now that I think about it lol
Haha. Gildarts cracks me up but he's such a beast!