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Finally got my ticket to see this gorgeous creature and the rest of AOMG crew and I am soooo excited!!!!!!!! I get to not only meet this beautiful man but I get to take a picture with him and the crew and yeah I'll probably die ten times over! Soooo......

Who's going to the Houston Show????

I'll be going by myself because my friends down here don't like Korean music and like myself they have crazy schedules so I would love to meet up with fellow vinglers💕
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make sure to make posts about it I want to see pictures
2 years ago·Reply
@lilbr0wneyes definitely will post lots of pictures
2 years ago·Reply
please share your experience since i can't goooo please.
2 years ago·Reply
@jiyongixoxo omg ur so lucky ! Tell us how it was !! Also Did u see Jay's newest tattoo on the back of his head? I was so shocked lol
2 years ago·Reply
@eunjungt21 yes I saw it I love it! Lol it's a crazy spot but it's cool
2 years ago·Reply