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If you hadn't heard already, then I give you the article to read it. Our beloved Supernatural has been renewed for Season 12!!
Let's start celebrating!! Let's see, when Supernatural first aired on Sept. 13th, 2005: I was in 5th grade and it was the day after my mom's birthday. Nothing exciting happened on that day, but I didn't watch Supernatural until the summer of my freshman year in college after watching parts of it when my mom tuned in to watch it. Do you remember that day? When did you start watching the show full on? Who got you into it? @LAVONYORK
OMG THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!!! I was 11 when it came out and when I first saw the preview on CW I knew it was going to be awesome!!! I couldn't wait till it aired and when It did I was hooked and been ever since. It's been the only show I have seen all from the start and love no matter what. So if one day it truly comes to an end I'm going to bawl just like I did with Bobby. 😢 But I'm glad Team free will live long!!!!!! Congrats guys 😙
I saw it during the tenth grade of high school
I started watching it in 2010 right before season 5 aired. I was like 15. I was caught up a few months later by the time S5 was maybe half way through. Lol