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I was just sitting on the couch and this came on. Dimension W. First off, I like the name of this anime, it's unique. And second off, while watching this I started to get kinda interested. So far, it's alright. It has to grow on me a little more. If I keep watching I might just really like it haha. I already like the fact that the girl Mira, she's the android that's cool lol and she's nice & cute ^__^ Well Idk completely what this anime is about by heart because I'm new to it.. I even did my research on it and I still was a little confused lol I will watch it more :)
After watching Dimension W, THIS ANIME RIGHT HERE BRUH... lol Parasyte the maxim. It's really interesting! It's weird and it creeps me out a bit lol like how they shoot the people who are took over by parasites, then their heads split open and all that other ewww >. < it's making my skin feel weird xD anyway I like this anime and I will watch more of this too. !
Has anyone heard of these anime before? If so, do you like them? Tell me how you feel :) If you want to join my anime tag list, let me know!
parasyte the maxim is amazing I really enjoyed it and I've been watching dimension w and so far it's been really good. I didn't finish that one yet
dimension w is really good especially the op
@HenryStill ditto but that anime is a doozy