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Within the 22nd issue of this year’s 'Shueisha’s Margaret' magazine a new manga short story for the ‘Rose of Versailles’ franchise courtesy of Riyoko Ikeda on October 19th 2013. The one-shot is to be the second released this year, the first being Ikeda’s previous "Rose of Versailles Episode", which told the story of Andre as a boy before meeting Oscar and was the first addition to the series since ending in 1973. This received a lot of popularity and was reprinted with four colour pages and a colour title page in the 13th issue of this year. The manga was original launched in ‘Shueisha's Weekly Margaret’ back in 1972. The story followed Queen Marie Antoinette before and during the upheavals of the French Revolution. Lady Oscar is introduced to the story as a young woman raised as a man and serves as a palace guard.