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OMG!!!!!!!!! I have to go see them! I have been listening to their music for a few weeks and I must see them on stage!!!!!! I can't believe they're going to be in my hometown, again! Ugh! I'm just so excited I need to start saving money for my ticket! I might even bring my mom along with me. If she wants. #excited
@IsoldaPazo awesome!
@MaggieHolm nice nice for sure!! ahhhh twice for EXO. amazing! I'm look at it again for sure
@IsoldaPazo well, I'm not making her wait outside in her car because there are couches at the auditorium doors. You can look up the venue online. It's really nice! I've been there twice! Once for a Celtic Thunder concert and twice for EXO
@MaggieHolm aww, you gonna have her wait outside the whole time? jaja, oh no my mami is going with me because neither of my cousins that I have taken to a concert or out in particular to enjoy and I want to enjoy. like it's GOT7 lol anyways we should meet up!! I don't know anything about the mainland or the area. Except H Mart bc I read about it jaja
I'll just have her drive me there since both my parents don't trust me driving towards town. I don't mind, but I'll mature enough to drive on my own! I'll just have my mom give me the money and I'll pay for the ticket with my card and I'll just have her wait outside the auditorium until the concert is done!
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