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So last season.....Superbee pretty much summed up this trainwreck of a show....

But this season's producer lineup has me thinking twice....

Dok2 X The Quiett

Gil X Mad Clown

Zion.T X Kush

Simon D X GRAY


That alone was enough to get me to tune in. The rest of the producer teams sealed the deal for me. So yeah....Mnet....I really hate you, but you've got my attention.

I spied this list of confirmed contestants on Tumblr somewheres.....

Dunno if it's 100% accurate but I'm gonna roll with it.
#GUN.... He better show me somethin' cuz I'm so ready. And i can already hear "Mino's cousin" being mentioned over and over in the first couple episodes but whatevs. I'm just gonna skip over Jaewon because he just feels the need to attack me with his gorgeous face. HI-LITE FAM....G2 & Reddy....definitely excited to see them. And the returning contestants? Seo Chulgu.....I HOPE THIS CINNAMON ROLL KILLS IT THIS SEASON. NO MERCY JUST MURDER. And C-Jamm..... After he laid it all out in his track, Illusion, last year, READ ERRYBODY LIKE A BOOK, BABY. Superbee.....I don't mean to throw shade already butttttt e_e mehhh, why can't he make like a bee and buzz off? Flowsik.... I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see his name mentioned. Because if I did....SHOW'S OVER.

Airs May 6th.

And I'm already making my popcorn....waiting on the tea so I can tuck in and watch the f*ckery ensue.
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I saw this list yesterday and oh my goodness. I mean, I was going to watch it anyways but the fact that I'm a fan of every single one of the producers as well as majority of the confirmed contestants is a major plus. I'm so excited to see One again!
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Cjamm! I got so pumped when I heard about reddy and g2
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AH SHIET ALL THESE 1LLIONAIRE ARTISTS DOE. Srsly so excited for Dok2 and The Quiett!!! I've loved Dok2 ever since I heard yggr
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may 6 is too far away. gahh im already ready for this ish to go down.馃槶
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lmao superbee....I cannot wait!
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