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Hello hello! Welcome to- omo! The 11th episode of Foreign Flower! A world where in the previous episode, you were an actual princess being chased by our lovely five kings! ;) New to the adventure? It may take a while but I gotchu :* >Preface (The chapters have links to the next chapter, I just didn't want to make a long sleeve of all the chapters so we can get to the story faster. They are also stored under one collection so it's easier to find. Here, my FanFic collection.) :3 Previous episode--> Chapter 10
Next episode--> Chapter 12 Hope you've been practicing how to charm people with a smile, because sweetheart, today is picture day! ;D Enjoy! *bows*
Chapter 11 Finishing the video in one day got you a lot of praise from the CEO. He had explained that there would be two separate photo shoots. One would be centered around you primarily and the other would be to promote BigBang's comeback video. You laid on the floor in front of the sofa while your best friend talked on the phone in the kitchen. Dance practice had been canceled for the day the CEO had sent you home so you could rest for a couple days before the shoot. Your phone beeps with an incoming notification. You reach up to the couch and open a text message from Dae-Sung. “What are you up to? =)” “Converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, what's up?” you type back. He replies instantly, “Getting bored with the hyungs being out right now, thought of you is all.... that's a lot of work for a flower! But isn't a flower suppose to make carbon dioxide into oxygen?!” You snort, “oppa, you're thinking of a tree... e.e” “I know, I'm just testing to see if you paid attention in school! ^^” “Oppa.... e.e” “What's with the smile?” your best friend smirks down at you. “Nothing, just talking to Dae-Sung,” you peer over your phone and grin at her. “Is he your bias?” she exclaims. You jump up, “Dude, seriously? Can I not talk to one of them without having you jump to conclusions?” “Just tell me,” she pleads with her hands pressed together over her head. “No, you're the one that forget in the first place.” “Please?” she pretends to cry. “No way, Jose. I rather take this to the grave,” you stick your tongue out at her. “Ugh! You're impossible!” Just watch, when I remember, I'm gonna tell him everything about you and your fangirl moments!” “I dare you,” you dart your tongue out at her again. Her phone rings again, leaving you alone to answer it. There were three unopened messages from Dae-Sung. “What? :D” read the first one. “Hello?” said the second. “Aish, you're probably busy. It's okay, Seung-Ri just got back. See you tomorrow at the shoot!” the final one displayed on your screen. <<Damn, now I feel bad for not replying....>> you pout to your phone. The photo shoot was scheduled to be in the same warehouse as the final scenes of the video. The BigBang members were scheduled to have their separate photo shoot before you to give the staff time to prepare in between. Your best friend had left ahead of you to help the photographer since she also specialized in photography and had been requested to help out the guest photographer. You walk in just as BigBang began their final poses. No one noticed your presence until Tae-Yang looks up and begins to smile with his eyes. “Young-Bae, focus!” the CEO ordered. “Sorry,” Tae-Yang looks away from your gaze and concentrates on the photo shoot. “Damn girl, I was just about to call you too. Thought you'd ditch on me,” your best friend throws an arm over your shoulders, making you smile at her comfort. She pries you away from BigBang and into the make-up room. Papa YG enters behind you and sits on the couch. “What were you thinking for the concept?” he asks your best friend in English. She looks at you long and hard, leaning into your personal bubble to get you to giggle at the awkwardness she was trying to force.
“Paint,” she finally says. “Paint?” you and the CEO both repeat in unison. “Yes. The personality that the media knows is strong but kind. A lot more professional than what she really is inside.” “What's wrong with that?” you hiss. “Why paint?” the CEO continues. “Splatter paint in cute white clothes because you really are a colorful person, Miss Foreign Flower and since flowers come in different colors, all of South Korea will fall in love with your cheerful personality as much as they have fallen in love with the confident businesswoman that stood before the press a couple of months ago.” “No-” “I love it!” the CEO clasped his hands together and smiles. “But I still have to do a photo shoot with BigBang right? The paint will get everywhere!” you argue, trying to dodge the bullet of having to drop your walls in order to reveal your really dorky side. “We'll have you take photos with them first. That way we can go out and buy the paint in the mean time. How does that sound?” your best friend turns to the CEO “Perfect,” he held out a thumbs up and excused himself. “You're horrible to me,” you grow at her. “Nah, just trying to be cupid,” she winks then leans in closer, “I saw the way Tae-Yang's expression changed when he saw you. Is it him?” she whispers in your ear. You push her away, “None of this!” She laughs, “Oh, I'll get you and your little secret too!” You're dressed in the princess gown you wore for the music video, with your hair the same and even the silver ballet slip ons that hid under the skirt. “W're only taking a couple of photos like this for the promotional aspect, then we're changing you into what you'll be actually wearing for the magazine shoot with the guys,” one of the make-up artists explains while adjusting your skirt. <<What else am I going to be put in?>> your thoughts wonder as you enter the set. “Ah, well hello there princess,” Seung-Ri winks at you. Your cheeks flush, “Shut up,” you mumble to him. He laughs to himself and sets a firm grin on his face. The rest of the members greet you before they position around you and being to pose like the noble kings they are while you're asked to sit on the ground with your dress skirt spread out. After a couple of photos, you stand up and fluff your skirt as the directors spoke. “Alright girl, go change and we'll continue onto the main photo shoot,” your best friend says. Back in the dressing room, you get ushered into another dress and receive a complete make over with false eyelashes, smoky eye makeup, and deep red lips. “This is really revealing,” you complain, struggling to cover your legs and the deep v-line. The hairdresser hands you a pair of stilettos. The black lace dress hugs your body tightly, making you turn bright red once you step onto the open set with BigBang and their new fancy attire. “Damn,” Seung-Ri's mouth drops. Tae-Yang turns scarlet and smiles, choosing to remain mute. Dae-Sung chuckles shyly, “That's now our little sister anymore!” TOP simply smirks to himself while Ji-Yong looks away to bite his lip. “Now the fun begins. Group and individual photos for the magazine,” the photographer says to you. “But why so.... this?” you tug down the dress. “Because they're kings, and you gotta match their level sweet stuff,” your best friend winks at you. <<I hate you so much....>>
The first shoot was with you standing in front of the guys, hands on your hips and a confident smirk on your face while the guys posed around you to make it seem as if they were checking you out. <<It'd be even more awkward if they actually were checking me out>> you giggle in your head. It soon transitions to you sitting on a nice chair with your legs crossed while the guys pose like gentlemen around you. “Okay, individual time! Who wants to go first?” your best friend grabs your hand once you stand up and twirls you around, “first taker gets a free date with this beauty sponsored by me!” “Oh my-” you begin to blush. “I'll take one for the team!” Dae-Sung steps forward. “Aigoo hyung, I was gonna do it!” Seung-Ri complains. Tae-Yang closed his mouth before he even had a chance to respond. Dae-Sung bows to you, “oppa won't let the pervy maknae rob such innocence from you.” You grin, “You're too kind, oppa.” The photo with Dae-Sung consisted of you holding his jacket and looking over your shoulder to him, portraying the sense of a playful chase. “You look like you're having a fun time,” he says when reviewing the photo. Tae-Yang went next, the photos with him consisted of you holding onto his jacket's sleeve and looking up into his face as he gazed down in yours. His severe showed through the photos, making the other members tease him. “Well I can't help it when I'm standing next to a beautiful girl!” he tries to defend himself. Ji-Yong was the third to go. He wraps an arm around your waist and leans in closer, looking down your shoulder as if preparing to kiss your neck. “Sorry if I make this uncomfortable,” he whispers. “It's okay,” you breath, not realizing the mistake you committed with the breath you took that carried heavy traces of his sweet scent. You skin reacts with goosebumps. <<I'm so happy this is a long sleeve>> “Are you cold?” Ji-Yong flickers his eyes to you. <<Sh!t>> “Yeah, a little, sorry,” you manage to mutter. He smiles and rubs your back to create warmth. “That's sexual harassment hyung!” Seung-Ri shouts from off set. The photo was of you trying to get out of Ji-Yong's embrace with both hands on his chest to push him away as you look away. Next was TOP. The shot was of the both of you walking while he maintained a grin on his face with his hands behind his back and you laugh with a hand covering part of your face. TOP chuckles, “I hope I can use this photo to convince the other members that I'm actually funny on a regular basis.” “Of course you are, oppa,” you grin at him teasingly. Seung-Ri went last. His excitement showed through his face like a child opening presents on Christmas morning. He drops to his knees in front of you and raises his arms to your sides, as if preparing to grab your hips and hug you tightly from his position but his arms hovered a few inches away from actually touching you. “Don't be scared, I won't bite,” he snickers under his breath while looking up at you. “We're watching you, Panda,” Ji-Yong warns. The photo taken when you reach down and pick up a lock of his hair under your fingers and move it to the side. “Like praising a goddess,” he breathes as he stands up after the shoot. The rest of the members join you on set and bash on Seung-Ri while you stand with your arms wrapped around your stomach in laughter. “The Foreign Flower of South Korea collaborating with the kings of Kpop,” Papa YG laughs to himself. “Come join us!” Ji-Yong smiles. “You're the reason why she's here!” Seung-Ri encourages.
Papa YG walks onto the set and throws an arm around Dae-Sung, “A couple of photos won't hurt,” he laughs. After a few shots, the guys leave the set so the photographer could focus on a duo with you and the CEO. “Now that's a power house,” TOP chuckles. “I'm just a translator though.” “Don't say that, you're family now,” Papa YG smiles warmly. Photos are taken of the two of you standing back to back with arms crossed and looking into the camera with smirks. “That's definitely one of the photos we're saving to use for the magazine company. Full of power, confidence, and determination,” Papa YG says as he looks through the photos afterwards. “Alright sexy lady, back to the changing room with you,” your best friend sighs. “You do look pretty good in that dress though, maybe you can keep it for another use.” You giggle nervously at the compliment, “Uhh, I think I'm good.” “Wait a minute, can we take a selfie before you change? It's not often that you drses so...” Seung-Ri scans you up and down as his voice trails off. “So what-” “Great idea, I want on too,” Ji-Yong wraps his arm around your waist again before you had a chance to react. Seung-Ri pulls you towards him after Ji-Yong gets away with more than one photo. His hand lingers from your shoulder, down your arm while he snaps away pictures. <<That low-key feel down ey?>> “I'm next!” Dae-Sung pushes Seung-Ri away and flips out his phone but only manages to take a single shot before Tae-Yang too interrupts him. Tae-Yang doesn't put an arm around you, his hand hung by his side while the other took the photo. He leaned in close but was careful not to touch you. <<Omo, too cute! being respectful about skin ship and all>> “TOP-hyung, aren't you gonna take a picture too?” Tae-Yang asks. With his hands in his pockets, TOP smiles his famous fox smile, “Not like this, maybe when your natural beauty shines through.” You blush, “uh, thank you.” Following the selfie session, the guys are dismissed to leave while you head back into the dress room. You're handed a white romper with matching converse. The hairdresser had straighten your hair as the make up artist removed your fierce make up and reapplied make-up to a more natural palette. By the time you're out on the set again, paper had been laid out to capture the paint droplets, and the lighting had been adjusted to a softer tone. “Okay, I'm asking you to reveal your true colors here, no pun intended,” the photographer says. “What do you mean?” “He means that the dorky, easy going, nerd that I love so much needs to shine through. Not your professional facade that you've grown use to portraying,” your best friend clarifies. “But I am like that, even while being professional.” “No, that's not what I'm talking about. Where's your phone?” she searches around for your bag then takes your phone and unlocks it. “Remember that playlist you created on YouTube to get you pumped up for the day?” “Yeah, my party playlist- wait. THAT'S MY KPOP PLAYLIST!” you run to her to snatch away your phone. “And that KPop loving fangirl is the one we need right now for the shoot, now go back over and fangirl a little, you'll be safe since the guys aren't here,” she sticks her tongue out at you playfully. “One does not simply fangirl just a little,” you protest on your way back to the spotlight. Bang Bang Bang begins to play. Your best friend starts the choreography from behind the camera to influence you to join in with her. By the time the chorus takes full swing, you're full out dancing the choreography like a champ. Staff members on the sides begin to flicker paint on you while you dance away, smiling like an idiot. The key change takes over as the CEO enters the room. He watches you dominate the ending of the song then laughs to himself in enjoyment. “I didn't realize you were a VIP.” “I'm huge into KPop,” you giggle nervously at your confession. “She has all of BigBang's albums, even the Japanese versions,” your best friend adds in. “Wow, I'm impressed. I hope things between you and the members are being kept strictly business related though,” he chuckles in.
Your heart stops. “Would that be bad?” your find yourself saying. “Hmm, never gave it a thought so not sure how I would feel about it. But we'd have to worry about what the press would say and how the fans would react.” You force a smile but internally you feel your heart begin to crack into a million pieces. “She's into multiple artists actually, so her knowledge is pretty well rounded... how about continuing with the shoot?” your best friend interjects quickly in order to save the atmosphere from getting awkward. You flash her a small smile and quickly try to pull yourself together. <<I'm so stupid, why am I getting butt hurt over this? Of course the president would have something to say if it involved me and him.... ugh!>> you chew on your lip and breathe out the thoughts. Digital Bounce by Se7en featuring TOP began to play. You let the music consume your body and put the comment in the back of your mind, enjoying the music and the fact that you were still getting splashed with paint. Daddy by Psy played, Gotta Talk 2 U by 2NE1, even non YG artists like SHINee, Exo, and BTS. Your face was covered with specks of paint, your romper and converse had become a canvas of colors. You laugh when the photographer would get near to get an up close photo of your face, you dance when the songs flowed through your veins, you even got the chance to take a few photos of jumping in the air with your hands raised high above your head. “That should be everything,” the photographer took the camera and scanned through the shots. “Looked like you were really enjoying yourself there, maybe you should switch over to modeling,” your best friend smiles. “Nah, I like what I'm doing right now. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, you hug her to stain her clothes with paint. She laughs in your arms, “You're lucky I love you enough to not get mad at you for getting paint on my clothes, but I guess I'm gonna gave to cherish these afterwards when I go back home.” You pull back and smear green paint on her cheek with a small smile, “don't me me think about that right now. I hadn't realized your contract was to be up so soon until I heard you making arrangements last night on the phone.” She pulls you in for a tight hug, “And I'm yet to figure out who your crush is. I need to get the ball rolling before it's too late!” “Aishh, sorry, am I interrupting something?” Ji-Yong diverts your attention from your best friend who shoots you a sinful look. “No no,” your best friend lets go. Her phone beings to ring, “excuse me,” she bows and wonders to the other corner of the room. “She's very vibrant, the director. You two must be very close,” Ji-Yong says, observing your soften expression. “Yeah, through thick and thin with her. I wouldn't be standing here today if it wasn't for her encouraging me to take risk of applying for jobs outside the country,” you look down and sigh at the memories then glance up and smile at him. “What's up?” “I came to see how your shoot was going. Well, actually. We all came back to see,” Ji-Yong explains then nudges to the other members who had done a poor job of hiding behind staff members and equipment. “We didn't know how you'd feel about it so they hid.” You giggle and motion for the members to emerge. “I told you she'd be fine with it!” Dae-Sung sings. “Whoa, you've been having fun huh?” Seung-Ri points to the paint on your face. “I like it, suits you perfectly,” TOP smirks his fox smile. Tae-Yang shoots you a thumbs up, “unique like a flower.” “Thanks,” you bow. “Too bad you guys came at the end of the shoot, it went well.” “We took a while debating on whether or not to show up until TOP hyung started walking back first. We followed after,” Tae-Yang grinned at TOP. “She owes me a selfie in her true colors,” TOP grumbles. “Even though you guys all hid and I had to be the one who approached her first?” Ji-Yong raises an eyebrow. “Yaah, I was building up the courage to approach first!” Dae-Sung cries. You giggle at their bickering as your best friend approaches and throws an arm around your painted shoulders. “Good news.” “What's up?” you grin at her. “Chris is flying in to pick me up,” she beams. “Ah, it'd be good to see the man that stole my best friend away from me,” you chuckle, making the members smile at the sound. “But Benjamin hasn't shut up about coming to see you since you left so when he heard the plans about Chris, he didn't want to stay behind. So he's tagging along too.” Your face lights up as you cover your mouth with your hands in order to hide the over excited smile, “Benji is coming?!” She nods in response. “Who is Benji?” Ji-Yong asks slowly. Your best friend glances up at the members and smirks, “her boyfriend.”
*dramatic background music* OMO :O What just happened? Everything was going so smoothly and then this.... this.... this...... ;) I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we are nearing the end of Foreign Flower by a few more chapters <3 Sooo I'm just gonna let that sink in.... ANYWAYS- Stay tuned to find out what'll happen on the next episode of Foreign Flower! ;D I love reading your comments so comment away! :3 <3 Thank you so much for everything thus far! *bows* See ya on Thursday ;) <3
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oh shoot!!😱 There is going to ba a lot of jealousy!! this is getting better!!
WHAT???? Omg I thought she was single?! Please tell me it's just her other best friend that is a boy and they him her "boyfriend". that's what it is right!!??!
Talk about a plot twist!!!😰 I was soooooo not expecting that😲 I can't wait for this Thursday now!😃 I can't believe this fantastic (baby);) fanfic is ending already..😢 I j-(hope) we get to find out who her true bias is😅 Once again, another AMAZING update @Sailynn
I wanna see pics of bigbang like the pics in the story (with the princess) lol ❤❤
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