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Welcome! The 12th episode of Foreign Flower is about to unfold! :D
Kinda left you on a cliff hanger in the previous chapter huh? ;) Well never fear! I have the answers in this chapter! Well.... some answers.... ;)
New to the tale? I gotchu fam :* Definitely recommend to go back and read from the beginning or else the story won't make that much sense!
(Only missed the last two episodes, gotchu too :*)
Like I said, we are nearing the end of this journey, just a couple more episodes left and all the answers will be revealed.... well maybe less or maybe more. ;)
So please, enjoy! :D *bows*
Chapter 12
“Did you see how fast their faces fell?” your best friend laughs with her face buried into your shoulder.
“I hate you so much right now. Why did you have to say it like that!” you grab the couch pillow and hide your burning cheeks into it.
She sits back up and clears her throat, “Listen, mija, darling, jagiya, I know one of them likes you. Can't pinpoint who yet but this will only narrow down my choices! Whoever gets jealous the most is the obvious culprit!”
“But it's not like that! I don't have a boyfriend!”
“Not according to Benjamin,” she snorts.
“But Benji is-”
“Shhh, child. Trust me on this. I need a favor by the way.”
You pout, “What is it?”
“I need you to chill with Benjamin for a day so my hubby and I can get away and enjoy the city before going back home.”
You sigh deeply and ruffle your hair,“You're horrible to me, but fine. Only because this is all a misunderstanding and I'll be able to clarify it with the guys when Benji arrives.”
She winks at you then takes the remote and flips through the TV channels to find something good to watch in the evening.
The following week is filled with weird occurrences. You'd see the members walk by your office on their way to see the CEO but instead of them waving at you through the window or popping in to say hello, they'd keep their heads down or look straight ahead, obviously trying hard to keep themselves from looking into your office. Once, you and Tae-Yang made eye contact through the window but he instantaneously looked away when he noticed the eye contact. It didn't make sense.
On your lunch break, it had become habitual for you to pop in the dance studio and observe the trainees. You lean against the doorway for a few moments to appreciate the hard work then smile to yourself as you turn back around and head back to the elevator.
You walk with your head down, softly bobbing to a BigBang song that had been stuck in your head for the past few hours. With your hands laced behind your back, and being absorbed in your own little world, you accidentally bump into someone. You look up and see Ji-Yong equally surprised by your presence.
“Hey!” you shine, with relief to see him after what felt like an eternity.
He stares at you with a blank expression then steps around you and continues with his business.
“Ji? Hey, it's me!” you run after him but he manages to escape into the men's restroom.
<<What's with him?>> You run a hand through your hair then head back to the elevator.
You see TOP in the elevator already, causing you to run in before he had a chance to close the doors.
“Hey!” you beam up at him as you catch your breath.
He nods his head once without looking at you then concentrates back on the elevator buttons.
“Where is everyone? You guys have been very MIA since the photo shoot. I haven't even been getting snapchats from Dae-Sung oppa and he's a regular!” you laugh, “Are you guys okay-”
The doors open again and TOP steps out without bothering to look back or nod goodbye.
Your heart begins to sink. <<What's going on?>>
You head back to your office and sulk. The evening sky begins to blend with the colors by the time you lock up your office door. You lean against the elevator door with headphones in your ear to distract you about the events that took place during the day.
The doors open, Seung-Ri waves goodbye to B.I. without noticing you already inside.
“Oppa!” you sing, yanking out your headphones to readdress your attention to him. He jumps at your enthusiasm catching him off guard.
“Aishh,” he breathes then pulls out his headphones and slips them into his ears. Your smile falls flat as the feeling of your heart begins to drop with every second that the elevator descends. At the main floor, he bolts out before you.
A wave of hot tears begin to build behind your eyes but you manage to pull yourself together in time to bow goodbye to the receptionist and make it safely into the cold crisp evening air that gives you the excuse to cry and blame it on the wind.
“Yo, are you okay?” your best friend sits next to you on the couch when she notices your puffy eyes and muffled sniffs. You shake your head in silence. She wraps her arms around you, causing your defenses to drop as you cry into her neck.
“They-y hate me-e,” you say between dry heaves.
“Shush darling, they don't hate you, they're just being jealous school boys,” she soothes your hair. “When Benjamin shows up, all will be better.”
You cry harder to ease your cracking heart, “how d-do you know it's ab-bout that?”
“What else can it be? Trust me on this, chica. Boys are mean to the girl they crush on.”
You wake up the next day with eyes sore and puffy from crying during the night. You drag your feet to the shower and let the droplets massage your body away into a calming nirvana.
“Hey, I'll bring him around early afternoon,” your best friend shouts as you walk out the door but you're too focused on your mission to confront BigBang about their behavior that her words didn't get a chance to register in your head.
“Hey, you wouldn't happen to know if BigBang is in today, would you?” you whisper to the receptionist as soon as you get close enough to her.
She looks at you with a puzzled expression, “Yes, they came early today to work on their album. I believe they're still in the recording studio,” she says at normal volume.
You bow her a thank you and slip into the elevator with butterflies beginning to take flight. <<Aishh, why did I have to whisper? It made me look weird! Ugh, what do I say to them? How do I start the conversation?>> You get off and head straight to the recording studio.
The door was unlocked, granting you free entrance. As you open the door, Dae-Sung and Tae-Yang look up from the couch. Their faces display brief happiness but quickly darken when it they see that it's you. They turn away and focus back on Ji-Yong talking.
You shut the door gently behind you and step further inside. Seung-Ri and TOP were both in the recording booth, making them oblivious to your presence.
“One more time from the top- hyung, stop snickering.” Ji-Yong speaks into the microphone.
“Hello,” you say quietly. Ji-Yong flickers his eyes to you with irritation burning deep inside.
“Need something?” Dae-Sung answers coldly with his eyes avoiding your own.
“I uh- I came to see how you guys were doing. It feels as if you've all been dodging me this week.”
“You don't say,” Ji-Yong mutters as he focuses back on the recording.
“We've been busy is all. Nothing personal,” Tae-Yang's voice was small and soft.
<<Someone, look at me, please>> you chew on your lip, thinking carefully on how to approach the topic. “Too busy to answer my snapchats? Or say hello when crossing paths in the building?” you feel heat begin to raise to your cheeks in frustration.
They remain silent.
“Yaah, why is she here?” Seung-Ri says from behind then steps around you to take a seat with his hyungs on the couch. TOP keeps his head down, completely ignoring any type of interaction with you.
“Am I not allowed to say hello anymore?” your voice cracks at the end, causing every member to look up at you. You clench your fists tightly until your knuckles turn white with fury.
“We don't associate too well with liars,” TOP breaks the silence.
Your heart plummets a new low, “liars?” you breathe.
They shift their attention elsewhere.
“I am not a liar.”
“Whatever, go hang out with your boyfriend that missed you so much,” Seung-Ri crosses his arms across his chest and tightens his jaw.
“What? I don't have a boyfriend. Is this really what it's about?” you say, flabbergasted by the sudden response.
They remain silent.
“Guys, please, look at me. I'm being honest here, I've always been honest,” you plead.
“Can you just leave? We're pretty busy right now,” Ji-Yong growls without looking at you.
A tight knot lodges itself in your throat, preventing you from protesting against him. TOP stands up and opens the door for you. You look at him to try and get him to look at your screaming eyes but his face remains expressionless as he avoids your gaze. The moment you step out, the door slams behind you. You blink back the tears and take a deep breath to keep you from falling to pieces on the spot.
<<They won't even let me explain the situation>>
In your office, you focus completely on catching up with the paper work. Your phone beeps with the sound of an incoming notification. You jump at the tune for catching you off guard but you quickly recover with a small giggle and unlock your phone. It was a notification from the V app, announcing the new music video for BigBang's comeback. The music video you took part in.
You watch the video twice. Once to actually see the final pieces put together into a wonderful work of the production team and the members, and a second time to read the incoming comments.
Your heart warms to the encouraging words by the viewers. Some comment on your dress, and others on your flawless interaction with the guys, but the majority gushed about the comeback.
“Thanks guys,” you breathe out a small smile to the comments.
As you turn to continue working on a document, a knock raps on your door. The CEO enters with BigBang following close behind him. You instantly jump to your feet and get around your desk in order to greet him with a bow.
“We're a hit!” the CEO claps his hands together. “The m/v was just released and already we've got more viewers and likes than ever before!”
You try your best to smile back but glance over to the guys as they shift from side to side like uncomfortable children.
“I'll leave you to celebrate for the moment but we'll see each other later today in the evening,” the CEO pats Seung-Ri on the back as he leaves.
You take a deep breath, “Can you guys just let me expl-”
“We're only in here because the president forced us to come along,” Seung-Ri mumbles.
“Then let me expl-”
“Hey beautiful, I'm here to drop the kiddo off- oh, am I interrupting something?” your best friend peaks through the door.
“Where is she?” a small voice demands. Small hands push their way through the member's legs. “Noona!” a bright small face beams while running towards you.
Your heart flutters with joy, “Benji!” you sing and scope the child into your arms. He wraps his small slender arms around your neck, giggling in your ear as you hug him back tightly.
“You're the only girl I'll ever approve of to date my son,” you best friend sniffs as she pretends to wipe tears away.
“Your son?” Dae-Sung asks.
“Have fun with daddy, mommy!” Benjamin waves goodbye to your best friend.
“Have fun with your girlfriend, sweetie!” she grins.
“Girlfriend?” Seung-Ri's mouth drops to the floor.
“That's your boyfriend?” Ji-Yong's eyes widen.
“I don't know, it's been a while since we've seen each other, let me ask.” you turn to the toddler in your arms who flashes you his little three year old teeth. “Benji, are we still dating?” you pout playfully.
“Duh!” You buy me sweets and I,” he pounds his chest with his little fists, “will protect you.”
Tae-Yang begins to smile with his eyes and approaches you and Benjamin. “Hello, what is your name?” Tae-Yang says in English. Benjamin stares at Tae-Yang with wide curious eyes then hides his face in your neck, making Tae-Yang chuckle at his response.
You smile, “What's wrong, love?”
The three year old in your arms remains silent.
“Why didn't you tell us it was a kid?” Seung-Ri exclaims.
You shoot him a malicious glare, “I tried, but did anyone give me a chance to explain myself?” you note the change of octaves towards the end of your voice.
TOP bowed first, then the rest of the guys followed his example. “We're sorry,” they say in unison.
“I guess we just got upset because we thought you lied to use,” TOP mutters.
“And at the idea of having to share you with another... guy,” Ji-Yong looks at the child in your arms.
“Benji, these guys hurt my feelings,” you pout to him and try to look like you're about to cry.
“Noona,” his expression melts into a pout. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a SpongeBob band-aid and quickly removes it from its wrapper and presses it over your heart, “See, told you I would protect you!” he beams.
You giggle at his actions then proceed to plant a soft kiss on his forehead. He turns bright pink and touches the spot where your lips made contact with his skin.
“Don't tell momma that you kissed me because I'm suppose to make the first move,” he whispers loudly.
Dae-Sung awes loudly. Benjamin turns around to look at the BigBang members then quickly wraps his small hands around your neck and hugs you protectively.
“Don't hurt my girlfriend!” Benjamin demands, then peaks under his arm to stick his tongue out at BigBang.
TOP pretends to look hurt, Ji-Yong smiles brightly, Dae-Sung laughs, Tae-Yang looks down to hide his grin and Seung-Ri sticks his tongue out back.
“Benji, play nice, they're my friends too,” you soothe his locks of hair.
He looks up at you then looks back to them, then to you once more, “you sure, babe? Because I can beat them up!” he holds out his little arm and tries to flex.
“So strong! But yes, they're my friends. Put those muscles away, Hercules,” you giggle.
Benjamin wiggles to motion to you to put him down. Once he's on his feet, he goes up to TOP and stares up at him. He runs over to Ji-Yong and scratches his head then looks at Seung-Ri for a moment before running over to Dae-Sung. Tae-Yang squats down with Dae-Sung. Dae-Sung preforms a bit of aegyo but it only made Benjamin tilt his head to the side in confusion. Tae-Yang lifts his hand for a high five, on which Benjamin gladly gave to him with a big smile.
Throughout Benjamin's exploration, you take a seat back at your desk and resume working.
“Noona!” Benjamin calls out to you.
“Can I hang out with them?” he grins. You look up and see him already on Tae-Yang's shoulders.
<<This kid, I swear>> “I don't know, lovely, they're really busy,” you say, quoting Ji-Yong's words from earlier that day.
“We're not that busy,” Tae-Yang chuckles as he roams around the room with the toddler.
“But the CEO-”
“The CEO won't care unless we lose track of what we're doing,” TOP says as he takes Benjamin off of Tae-Yang's shoulders and puts him on his own.
“We wanna know what qualities he has that made the Foreign Flower agree to be his girlfriend,” Ji-Yong smirks.
You sigh, “fine, let me know when he gets hungry and I'll go take him to eat.”
“Don't worry about it,” Seung-Ri calls back as he chases after TOP and Tae-Yang.
“We'll be in the recording studio all day,” Ji-Yong says before exiting too.
“Aishh, I really do feel bad for not letting you explain the situation,” Dae-Sung says. “You must be really mad at oppa.
“To be honest,” you lean back on your chair and sigh. “I didn't think you guys would take the director seriously about the comment. But when everyone started acting differently with me, it made me more sad than angry, especially since I've grown use to being so interactive with everyone.”
He looks down shamefully, like a child getting scolded by a parent after doing something wrong.
“But it showed me how much you guys really care about me, so I'm glad now.”
His face lights up instantaneously, “You're so sweet, thank you for continuing to believe in us even after making you go through this.”
You reflect his smile, “please take care of Benji, I've loved his deeply since his birth.”
“You can count on oppa!” and with that, he leaves you to join his hyungs.
The sun travels across the sky, slowly crawling towards the horizon to rest for the night. You receive snapchats updates of Benjamin's adventures through each member.
A smile curls your lips, <<They'd all make wonderful fathers>>
Your arms stretch high above your head with a long yawn, “Let's call it a day.”
You enter the recording studio and notice Benjamin on the CEO's lap.
<<Crap!>> “Ah, excuse me, sir,” you bow.
“Noona!” Benjamin hops off and runs into your open arms.
“Noona? Is he your brother?” the CEO laughs.
Benjamin hugs you tightly with his small limbs.
“No, I'm his godmother, he's the director's son. Her husband came to pick her up so I'm watching over this kiddo for the day.”
“Technically, we babysat,” Ji-Yong clarifies.
“No, you stole him away from me,” you argue back.
“Borrowed, and we regret nothing,” Tae-Yang smiles.
“He's a ball of sunshine, like me!” Dae-Sung laughs.
The CEO chuckles, “I've only known him for half an hour but I fully agree.”
You turn to Benjamin, “They're saying how much they like you, baby.”
He smiles brightly, exposing his little teeth, “Tell them I like them all too! And thank you for the food too!”
“I bought him food,” TOP grins to ease your confusion. “But Seung-Ri gave him sweets.”
“Yaa! Children like sweets too you know! You can't hog all the ice cream hyung!” Seung-Ri protests.
“Come on, we gotta go home,” you smile to the toddler.
The CEO stands up and waves goodbye to Benjamin. He stops in the doorway and glances at you, “You'd make a great mother too. Maybe you should look for a husband.” He chuckles as he closes the door behind him.
<<Aishh, if only....>>
“Noona,” Benjamin looks down shyly as he twirls his little fingers around strands of your hair. “Will you make me a boxed lunch before I go home? Like you use to for me? Something I can remember you by when I miss you?”
Your heart melts. You shift his weight onto your hip and use your available arm to brush back a lock of his wispy hair, “Of course, darling, I'll even make the faces for you and everything.”
Seung-Ri jumps up, “Boxed lunch? I want one too!”
“Lunch from you? I can still remember how great the ramen you made tasted” Tae-Yang grins.
“Count me in too!” Dae-Sung sings.
“Nope. None for any of you,” you stick your tongue out at them.
“Please?” TOP joins in with a pout.
“Benji, noona doesn't want to make us boxed lunch too,” Ji-Yong whines in English.
Benjamin gasps, “noona! Pretty pretty please?” he quivers his bottom lip and gives you the biggest puppy dog eyes.
“Wait a minute, this is peer pressure!”
Benjamin hugs you tightly, “I'll love you the best! For ever and ever and ever and ever.”
You sigh as he pulls back. “Fine.”
The guys cheer after another successful outcome.
“This morning you guys were ignoring me, now I'm making food for all of you, how is this fair?” you grumble.
“We'll make it up to you by doing this!” Dae-Sung preforms his best aegyo, causing the rest of the members to replicate the aegyo. You pull out your phone with one hand and unlock the camera to take a picture before you missed the opportunity.
“There. I'm happy now,” you smirk. <<New wallpaper, here I come!>>
“Delete that! I'll lose all of my fangirls!” Seung-Ri complains.
You wink at him and shove the phone back into the safety of your pocket.
“Are you flirting?” Benjamin tilts his head to a side.
“No, I'm only got eyes for you, papi,” you grin at him.
“Good!” he beams and leans in to steal a kiss off your lips, causing you cheeks to turn bright red. “There, now I can tell my friends that I kissed my girlfriend!”
Dae-Sung gasps, “Omo, he didn't!”
“He did,” Ji-Yong whispers back.
“Kid has guts,” TOP smirks.
“C-come on, let's g-go,” you stutter, trying to pull yourself together after the unexpected smooch. Benjamin waves goodbye to the guys as you walk out of the studio and head into the elevator.
“Kinda feel like a failure since I haven't figured out your bias,” your best friend says later that night as you help her load the luggage onto the taxi.
“Don't worry about it,” you slam the truck and flash her a smile.
“When I remember, I'll make sure to call you right away and convince you to confess,” she winks.
You giggle, “Yeah yeah. I'll miss you too.”
“That's everything,” her husband hands her Benjamin's jacket. “Good luck out here. Beautiful city, and I've heard about the tasks you do. Good luck with that too,” he grins.
“Thanks, and thanks for coming all the way here. It'd bug me a little to send her back alone.”
“Goodbye noona, I love you! And thank you for the boxed lunch! Don't forget to make some for my new friends!” Benjamin hugs your legs. You lean down and give him a small peck on the cheek, quickly pulling back before he had a chance to steal another kiss from your lips.
“I love you too, Benji. And trust me, I won't forget.” <<Or more like they won't let me forget>>
Your best friend hugs you tightly, “Take care sweetie, especially with those boys. I won't be able to protect you now so stay strong.”
Tears weld up in your eyes, “Aishh, don't say that. I've always been a strong independent young woman. Fighting!” you try to laugh.
She giggles, “I know, but it's time for you to find a man to take care of you when I'm not around, especially since I don't like the idea of you being lonely all the time. So please, do use all a favor and confess to him already!”
And with that, she slips in the taxi and closes the door. You wave goodbye until the taxi disappears around the corner. You wipe away the tears that begin to spill from the corners of your eyes and head back inside again to the now cold and empty apartment.
<<She's right. I should confess....>>
Omo! What a chapter right?
I wonder why they were all so relieved to find out that your 'boyfriend' was a three year old! ;D
I personally thought this episode was cute despite the tension in the beginning. :3
Tell me your thoughts! Who do you think was most jealous? Who do you think was most relieved? When will you confess! D: What about those boxed lunches!! Dx
Kekekeke :3
(Author's note: I tried to find pics of BigBang with children but that didn't work out so well.... :/ Hope ya'll enjoyed what I could muster up!)
Stay tuned for the next episode of Foreign Flower on Monday!
Thank you for everything thus far!
Tagging the amazing Foreign Flower squad! :D
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she totally missed a golden chance to mess with the guys. make them work to get back in good graces after what they pulled.
*collapses* I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS A KID! THANK GOD IT WAS A KID!! My heart broke every time they ignored her. I would have just broken down then and there in the studio. But Benji was so adorable and the guys were so lovely with him. My heart! Yess...yes, confess your feelings! I want to know how it is! *takes a breath* I'm so glad things worked out and the boys learned their lesson not to jump to conclusions. I can't wait for the next chapter!!
@SuniWilcox #Benji2016 😂😂😂😂👏
it's official, benji is my new bias!
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