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Hallyu star Lee Byeong-Heon of “G.I. Joe” and its sequel, released in March, and actress Lee Min-jeong of SBS drama “Everything About My Relationship” will be married on Aug. 10 at the Seoul Grand Hyatt in Hannam-dong, central Seoul. The wedding will happen about a year after the couple publicly announced their romantic relationship in August. Lee Byeong-Heon‘s agency released a statement soon after local media began reporting on the wedding plans. “Thanks for the warm attention and love from many fans. The two are now in for another journey in their lives”, said BH Entertainment. “From now on, he will not only focus on his career as an actor but also present himself as a good husband”. The two first met in 2007 through mutual acquaintances when Min-jung had just began her career as an actress. The groom-to-be shared the love story recently on SBS talk show “Healing Camp” in March and also shared why they had to break up once before. He said he didn’t want to become an obstacle for the newbie on the entertainment scene as she worked to build her own name as an actress while he had already built a name for himself. “I felt that it might not have been right for us to continue with things just because we liked them even though there was no guarantee for the future”, said Lee on the breakup. However, the two accidentally met again at an awards ceremony. The actor tried to make eye contact and say hello, but the actress didn’t pay attention. He then said he even had a dream about her when he was in the United States filming “G.I. Joe 2″. “I got curious, so I called her to ask why she had ignored me, and then she said she hated me for trying to make eye contact as if nothing had happened”, the actor recalled. They soon started dating again after the actor returned to Korea last year. It has been said that Lee is currently remodeling a house in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, where they plan to start their married life together. Japanese media also reported details about the love story as the actor has garnered much fame overseas for his role in SBS drama “All In” in 2003. He then became a global star after his debut in Hollywood. It has been reported that media in Japan are saying that the wedding announcement is as sensational as the marriage of actor Jang Dong-gun and actress Ko So-young. Lee Byeong-Heon is currently in Japan promoting his upcoming movie “Red 2″, an action-comedy flick. The movie he filmed with many well-known Hollywood stars including Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones is scheduled to hit local theaters next month.
Beautiful Love story. How I wish song seung Hun make a way to her exgirlfriend choi ji woon
So, I really like him, but not her so much. Wish them good luck, however.
I am happy for them but I loved min Jung and gong yoo together!!
awwww nice couple!