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Okay, Nope, I am totally not cheating on Deadpool. Seriously Deadpool is irresistible to me. His humor inspires me and also, I turned his name "Deadpool" into my "I'm so shock, surprise or I need something to blame" . So, Damn it Deadpool! Thor Odinson, does have some humor to him and some pretty cool facts. So tonight I'm hanging with the hammer and the Vingle community because duh, I'm worthy.

Did you know?

Thor use to actually use a stick to change. He was not Thoring' (Yes, I totally made that up) around in full cape and hammer. He spent his day as Donald Blake, a doctor!
Yes, Thor we know you did not get THAT buff over night. Unless, they have some Asgardian HGH.. Wait perhaps.. GGH (God Growth Hormone, yup made that up too)

Thor let's see how funny you can be!

Thor, sweetheart... Those are birds. Yes, an Avian creature that is native to our realm. We love you.. We love you Odinson
Lol, Haha! This catches us that have a dirty mind. Nope, Thor did not say it. However, I think this an appropriate time to say "That's what she SAID"!

Did you know?

Thor has another half brother? Why yes he does. His name is Atum, the God-eater. That's a snap of him above. As you can see, he does not have Thor's charm. I am going to assume he got that look from their mother (Yes, Thor mother is not Frigga) Gaea.

Now let's laugh a bit more with Thor, the God of Thunder..

Lmao, Hawkeye is trying to teach Thor how to be hip and cool. You know Clint is amazing, he is that cool uncle for kids and for adults he is that best friend that can make you laugh when you are pretty upset.

Did you know?

Thor is a God, but Asgardians aren’t actually born immortal. Instead, they feast on the magical Golden Apples of Idunn, a special kind of fruit which grows in Asgard which allows them to live long lives.  So, that's how Thor keeps his lovely looks! I might have to ask him for some of those apples!
I absolutely enjoyed spending the evening with Thor. I found out some new deeds about him and also got to see the funny side of Thor. He might not have the same funny bone as a Spider-Man or an Hawkeye but he absolutely hangs with the best!
@LAVONYORK Thoring around is now locked into my vocabulary. Putting it right there with Jarvelous.
@JimTurpen 😂😂😂 lock and load! Lol, I already have it saved in my phone's dictionary. @LadyLuna beats me, I guess the MCU wants to tell the story of Thor how they want. Pretty much the movies just leave Loki as his brother and that's that.
I didn't know the bit about the cane. That's interesting.
I love me some Thor! What I don't get is in Mythology Heimdallr is also Thors half brother. Odin is the father of both.... So y not make it that way in the comics or even the movie?
That last gif, though 😄
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